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Vanilla D3 (do you remember?)

diablo13 - Vanilla D3 (do you remember?)

Posted this on the official forums and posting it here now, after I saw people mentioning things from vanilla in another thread.

In no particular order, before patch 2.0 (Reaper of Souls pre-patch).

Do you remember…


• Obtaining 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor before doing anything? Then recall the stacks falling off whenever you changed a skill or accidentally moving a skill?
• Item Levels for items? Particularly, Act’s 3 & 4 having the best chance of dropping iLvl 63 items?
• When paragons were added and maxed at 100? Each level added primary stats, 3% magic find and 3% gold find.
• Magic Find and its cap at 300%? And how it was incentivized for every player in the party to wear it, as it averaged out on every player?
• The Auction House and the Real Money auction house? Remember the trick to cancel an auction by changing the date/time on your computer?
• Acts 2, 3 & 4 being nearly impossible (damage in inferno was extremely higher for these acts).
• The paradox of needing Inferno Act 3/4 items to beat Inferno Act 2?
• Monsters were able to be kited into Town?
• When attack speed on weapons and armor were reduced by 50%? Some could roll up to 18% on a single item.
• When Pick-up radius could roll 5-7 on a single item?
• Repair costs actually costing a lot of gold? (do you remember when gold was actually worth something?)
• When bosses would enrage or elites would regenerate their health if not killed fast enough?
• The affix, Invulnerable Minions? (an elite’s minions could not be damaged/killed).
• Life steal on weapons? And how overpowered it was at staying alive?
• When “Black weapons” were ideal/best?
• Monsters Powers 0-10?
• How a lot of rare (yellow) items were superior to legendary items?
• How insane the Reflects Damage affix on monsters was with fast attacking builds?
• When dyes were added, but certain colors were randomly sold from different vendors?
• When Marquise Gems are added, had to find the plans from random monsters, were extremely expensive to craft and looked completely different from today’s look?
• How near-impossible it was to craft a decent hellfire ring?
• How long it took to craft a hellfire ring (acquire the infernal machine plans, kill the guardians for their keys, craft an infernal machine using the keys, use the machines to fight the bosses, acquire the organs to craft a single ring).
• When “brawls” were added (likely to appease the fact that Blizzard “promised” PvP).
• When you could only craft a single gem at a time?
• When you needed to level up your followers? (their levels did not level up with you exactly).
• When there were several tiers of crafting materials, depending on your level?
• When Wizard’s had the “critical mass” passive?
• When you needed to collect/buy health potions?
• Farming the wretched mothers in the crypts for easier experience?
• How hard it was to see or hear molten going off?
• When Manticore could have 2 sockets?
• When Monks with the "One with Everything Passive" and you wanted to get the same single resist on every piece of gear?
• The affix, 'Vampiric' on elites and it stealing life?
• Wizards with a poison hydra?
• Witch Doctors using Zombie Bears and later Firebats?

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