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Video of my push: season 17 w/ First Round of Augments GR 119

diablo15 - Video of my push: season 17 w/ First Round of Augments GR 119

Wow I'm so proud of how high I went with my Wiz in only a week. I was able to push a 119 solo with my Vyr's Chantodo's Wiz at only paragon 1,060. I had roughly 2.4m damage. This was Rank 67 at the time, and is the highest I have ever cleared solo on live servers, with any build – Ever!

I started Season 17 off strong with a full group I met on the forums. (I go by TrvAix, if you use the forums you've probably seen me replying to literally every thread haha).

I went real hard for the first few days, but most of my group disappeared, I kept going though.

I came down with a cold. Probably from treating my body like crap playing Diablo 3 lol. I was fatigued, I was sneezing and had the sniffles, I had a headache. I washed some Dayquil down with Powerade. Then I literally slept for 24 hours, and felt much better.

My plan was to Push high solo. Then finish augmenting every single ancient piece with a low level augment, I did 70 augments. Even though every one I talked to said that it wasn't worth my own time Investment.

So yeah, after augmenting with 70s, I did this push. I would say my "fishing" was about 70% of what the best players would go for. I don't quite have the patience, but I went through a good chunk of keys (about 30) to get the rift in my video.

Here is the link to the YouTube I recorded of the clear: https://youtu.be/SEzzHoQOxrQ

I mouse-over my gear one by the one at the end of the video. Oh and my Templar has Cannot Die token, Thunderfury, Freeze of Deflection, Wyrdward, Oculus ring, and Ess of Johan. All with attack speed and CDR.

If you're wondering if my rotation has any rhyme or reason: I use the melee attack on left click, in my first Archon and in 2nd Archon and onward when I have double Archon stacks from the Swami. When the double stacks wears off, I use the beam. There is math behind this that I don't quite understand. I just play and it works. haha.

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When I saw Perendi, the mallet lord boss, I was kinda like, "Uh oh". Knowing that he can one-shot me when he swings his legs down in that huge melee attack. I had died to him in clears earlier in the season, but on this clear I was able to dodge his main attack. {Rewatching the video, he does hit me once and it procced me}. His adds spawned Oculus rings without sucking too many stricken stacks. Which was nice!

My next goal is to use my 3.5k Death's Breaths to make a Znecro for Rat runs, and continue with Wizard speeds as well. I want my next round of Augments to be roughly 110 before I do my next serious push. I'll have much better gear and higher paragon by then too.

The way I got up to 1,000+ Paragon was speed 90s-95s and a bit of group pushing here and there with Wizards in my clan and on my friends list, and even met some new friends in communities.

I also did a lot of solo rifting / grifting while I watched Netflix for hours on end. haha. I plan to do that some more at some point.

Shout out to all the people who ran speeds with me to level gems (I'm TrvAix if you remember me). Shout out to clan <Arreat's Fortitude> and clan <Enygma>.

Shout out to Cratic, SVR, Bluddshed, and Lexyu for putting out good Wizard content for this build.

One last thing. I owe my success to God. He gave me a talent for Video Games and Music and I'm very thankful I have God in my life. I often pray over my Greater Rifts to get good maps and Rift Guardians and Pylons lol. It's kinda dorky, I know.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the video!


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