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Vyr Wizard 4 man group Guide

diablo10 - Vyr Wizard 4 man group Guide

This is a follow up on my original – and rather short winded – post that I wrote at the start of the season.

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/diablo3/comments/bqz8sl/chantodo_wizard_group_guide_in_depth/

After a lot more hours in-game, a lot more testing and information gathering, I decided to rewrite the guide; the result of which you are (hopefully) reading now.

A lot of the information in this guide can also to be viewed in an older post by
Cratic1321 - Vyr Wizard 4 man group Guide

u/Cratic1321, and Indeed I have used Cratic1321’s post as a source in most cases, both from his posts on reddit and Blizzard Forums.

However, whereas Cratic’s post is mostly aimed toward solo pushing, this guide is focused on grouping in the later stages of the season, with more paragon points and close to top-end gear.

This guide is written for wizards involved in the 4 man Vyr speed meta and is therefore not applicable for solo pushing.

4 man group composition:

4 man group variations:

Build and Videos:


Arcane Torrent – Static Discharge

Arcane Torrent is the best resource spending skill available for this build as it fires side bolts which can proc Obsidian and Chantodo’s additional times for decreased intervals between Archon.

Furthermore the skill has a high proc coefficient at .2 and speed coefficient at .3 – making it the BiS (best in slot) pic for this build.

Black Hole – Absolute Zero

Black Hole (BH) is a pure DPS boosting skills. It drags enemies around a spherical object, proccing Strong Arm Bracers (SA) in the process and adds 1 stack for each enemy affected. Each stack increases the damage of your cold skills by 3% “The effect is stacking infinitely, but a new cast overrides the already acquired stacks”.

Magic Weapon – Deflection

Gain 10% increased weapon damage (functions exactly like a 10% damage roll on weapon) and a shield for 4% of your max health for 3 seconds whenever you hit an enemy with an attack.

The Shield is continuously “recast” whenever you hit an enemy, and thus helps to mitigate damage constantly, especially in combination with this builds high ATS. In short Magic Weapon is a utility skill that adds both significant DPS and toughness.

Slow Time – Time Warp / Stretch Time / Exhaustion (ST)

ST is yet another utility skill that add both DPS and survivability. The choice of rune depends on personal preference and (if you are 2 wizards in a group) on what rune the other wiz is using.

Stretch Time adds 10% increased ATS, which help with gaining stacks faster.

Time Warp makes enemies within your ST take 15% increased damage.

Exhaustion debuffs mobs to deal 25% less damage.

The reason slow time is on our bar is because the slow time in archon gains the same effect as the rune you have chosen, thus Slow Time becomes a buff both in- and out of Archon.

Archon – Slow Time

Archon is the skill which this build is entirely dependant on. Archon transforms your avatar into another model and adds a stacking buff effect that is enhanced by the Vyr’s set. We are using the Slow Time rune because it has the element “cold” and thus will allow Chantodo’s Waves to deal cold damage as long as the highest %elemental damage on your items (Bracers and Amulet) is cold.

In archin you gain additional skills:

  • Archon Strike (also known as Archon Punch):

For group play this is the skill we will be using to gain stack in Archon form. The punch’s scaling with ATS is dynamic, so the more you punch the faster you will punch and thereby gain the most stacks.

  • Disintegration Wave (also known as Archon Beam):

Archon Beam speed coefficient is 3. This means the beam is less efficient at gaining Archon stacks. The benefit of the beam is that you can gain stacks at range.

  • Archon Blast:

“Stacks one Vyr archon stack per activation. 15 yard radius. .5 second cooldown. It will be advantageous to be nearby at least one enemy to increase Vyr archon stack count per attack. Freezes enemies due to the Cold rune and Vyr 2 piece. Pivotal for control and survival with this build. See configurations section for other related recommendations”. – Cratic

  • Archon Slow Time:

Slow Time in Archon gains the same effect as the slow time rune you have on your bar, thus adding either damage, attack speed or a damage reduction buff to enemies. Furthermore ST is very helpful as it slows down enemy projectiles and allow you to dodge them easily.

  • Archon Teleport:

Purely for mobility while in archon form.

Explosive Blast – Flash (EB)

Explosive Blast has no animation when you are in channeling state and can therefore be cast simultaneously with Arcane Torrent without interrupting. In other words EB is on our bar for the soul reason of proccing Chantodo’s and Obisidan faster.

As such EB is an interchangeable skill; if you are lacking toughness it can be swapped for Energy Armor, but personally I have found EB to decrease my Archon downtime significantly.


  • Audacity:

Deal 30% Increased damage to enemies within 15 yards. The Chantodo wave is 30 yards, so enemies within half the range will take 30% increased damage. It is however important to note that this damage boost is significantly less than that of an Oculus Ring.

  • Evocation:

20% CDR – simply to minimize Archon downtime.

  • Unstable Anomaly:

Cheat Death.

  • Unwavering will / Cold Blooded

Unwavering will increases damage and toughness when stationary. Cold Blooded makes enemies take 10% more damage from all sources – including teammates. However, Cold Blooded does not stack.


Vyr’s Astonishing Aura

  • (2) set:

Archon gains the effect of every rune. (Note: we want to use the “slow time” rune so that our Archon will scale with %cold damage).

  • (4) set:

Archon stacks increase armor, ats and all res by 1% pr. stack.

  • (6) set:

Archon stacks grant an additional 100% damage multiplier to archon abilities and a 0.15% damage reduction modifier. Every archon ability use grants 1 stack (Note: the 100% scales our Chantodo damage – hence the more stacks the more damage).

Chantodo’s Force:

  • (2) Set:Every second while in Archon form you expel a Wave of Destruction, dealing 4000% weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards. This damage scales with attack speed. Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 4000% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times.

Endless Walk

  • (2) Set:While moving, damage taken is reduced by up to 50%.While standing still, damage dealt is increased by up to 100%.

Additional legendaries:

  • Fazula’s Improbable Chain :

You start with 40-50 archon stacks upon entering archon.

  • Strong Arms Bracers:

Enemies hi by knockback suffer 20-30% more damage for 6 seconds.

  • Obsidian Ring of The Zodiac (Cubed or worn depending on CoE):

Reduce the remaining cooldown of skills by 1 second everytime you hit with a resource spending attacks.

  • Convention of Elements (Cubed or worn depending on rolls):

Gain 200% elemental damage for a single element for 4 seconds. Rotates through elements available. (More on these two items later).

  • Swami (Cubed):

Your archon stacks last an additional 20 seconds after archon runs out.

  • Furnace (Cubed):

Gain 50% more damage to elites.

Notes on Item Choices:

As you can see, all the gear is aimed toward gaining as much power in Archon as possible. The Vyr’s set plays out in a snowball fashion where your power increases the more stacks you gain, and you naturally gain stacks the higher the density of mobs there are within a rift. Thus kills = more damage = more kills. Due to this, the build will be at its weakest on the first rotation of Archon upon entering a rift.

Stat Priorities (Open to Discussion)

ATS is very important as it allows the build to attack faster (wow, who would have guessed) and thereby decrease the downtime of Archon, whilst also buffing Chantodo damage with the ATS scaling introduced in patch 2.6.5.

With the 2.6.5 patch the damage of Chantodo waves now scales with attack speed (ATS) up to the attack speed cap of 5.0. This, of course, opens up a discussion about the ideal amount of attack speed to roll on gear vs how many chantodo stacks are required to compensate for that amount.

The simple answer I have derived from personal experience is that ATS should be rolled on 3 pieces of gear:

  • 7% ATS on weapon is a must, as ATS on weapon scales differently as it affects the weapon’s base attack speed directly.
  • 7% on gloves if you can get a quadfecta (ATS, CDR, CHC, CHD).
  • 7% on one ring slot.

The above rolls would allow us to reach the 5 ATS cap on second rotation, or about 200 stacks.

A lengthy discussion on this subject can be read on the wizard forums answered and analyzed by our research-hero Cratic: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771336971?page=10#post-191

Cool Down Reduction (CDR) vs Attack Speed (ATS):

However, all this creates an interesting dilemma between ATS and CDR rolls. Personally I find the ATS more important when grouping than CDR – when running 4 man speeds you don't have to minimize Archon downtime to the same extent as in solo. This is because you have 2 supports keeping you healthy and buffed up and you will gain more Archon Stacks than in solo, resulting in increased ATS and toughness.

I’d recommend having a minimum of 54% sheet CDR, not including Legendary Gems or additional CDR buffs other than skills and gear. Explosive blast helps us with Chantodo stacks and proccing Obsidian more often, allowing us to drop some CDR.

The big argument for ATS is that it allows us to gain Archon stacks faster on the first Archon rotation, thus building up group speed quicker resulting in faster clear times. It is, however, a delicate balance and both stats should be prioritized heavily.

Once you gain 95+ augments on all gear and reach paragon 1600< the BiS main hand becomes a trifecta with %DMG + ATS + CDR, more or less eliminating the difficulty of choosing between ATS or CDR on other gear. Until then 7% ATS on weapon is BiS.

CoE vs Obsidian:

Another Subject that Cratic covers extensively in his post, here is my take on it:

For 4 man speeds your job as the wiz is purely DPS. For this reason I highly recommend swapping Obsidian for CoE on your character. You should start using CoE if you get an ancient drop with good double crit rolls and a secondary that is at about 185% or above.

The double crit is a significant damage boost and even with intelligence as the third stat CoE is recommended.

If you have a trifecta CoE with double crit + either ATS or CDR or flat damage your choice is made for you – cube Obsidian.

Defensive Stats:

For defence on intelligence based classes it is always important to roll Armor over All Resist. Also keep a close eye out for secondary rolls – physical resistance on secondary is enormously valuable as most mobs in game deal phys damage with attacks and skills.

For Chest and belt you should swap Armor for %life as this increases our Magic Weapon shield.

For Pants, Shoulders and boots you want armor. Roll both Armor and %life on belt if possible. Also Vyr’s shoulders roll with all res by default, so finding a shoulder with vit+int+8% CDR can be very hard.

Luckily the main benefit of running 4 man groups is that most all of your defence will be managed by your supports and so defensive stats become less important than offensive.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks:

Grouping – roles and tips:


As the wiz your job is DAMAGE. Since most of our damage kicks in on second Archon rotation we will want to pop Archon as soon as monk engaged the first enemies in a GR. Stand on monk’s Sanc and spam archon punch and Archon Blast for stacks. Once Archon is 1-2 seconds from wearing off TP out of the pac and stand at a range where you can cast Arcane Torrent into density whilst still hitting mobs with EB. As soon as you reach 18 Chantodo stacks and have Archon off cool down, cast BH into density and pop Archon a second time.

It’s usually a bad Idea to cast BH into density whilst freshly out of Archon as BH does cause major lag in some cases. After second rotation simply teleport from density to density and focus on killing elites.


The monks job resembles that of a znec in rat runs: you are the front man, find good spots to fight, create density, pop Pylons and maintain speed and healing. Make sure to aid the wizards during Archon down time and keep mobs at a safe distance and shield buffs and healing at a max.


Maintain buffs on wizards at all costs. Collect multiple elite packs for swift progression. Create density. Scout the map. The barb is very much a versatile utility pick that speeds up the group and collect elites and trash around wizards.


As mentioned most of the information in this guide has originated from u/Cratic1321, so many credits are due!

This guide is based of my own personal experience much more than it is theorycrafting or in-depth calculations, a slight disclaimer, I know.

If I find the time and inspiration I will go more in depth on support picks depending on requests.

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