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Was excited to play wizard this season but now I’ve lost all enthusiasm

diablo20 - Was excited to play wizard this season but now I've lost all enthusiasm

Will preface this with the simple fact that I am not great at mathematics but even I can see that the numbers (Mason!) don't work for the Typhoons Veil set.

They halved two multiplicative damage sources and added around 8% to the set (12000% total going to 13000% total)

This means that LoD will be able to outdo the sets potential when using the Mammoth Hydra and other fire% damage items, and the greater rift pushing capacity for both Typhoons Veil and LoD will be much lower and the set in general will not be fun to play especially since there is no speed variant.

I while ago I posted what I would change in the set to improve it vs LOD and here is that post:

After playing with the Witchdoctor on PTR it inspired me on how I would fix Wizard in a way that is easy to implement for the current staff working on the game.

It is difficult to balance the set in a fun way vs the LOD variant, just giving the set extra damage is good but not perfect and doesn't fix its other shortcomings. What I would propose is that after casting hydra you get your own personalised hydra that floats above your head and it attacks and casts like a normal hydra but of course it is mobile. This hydra is timed (say it lasts for 30-60 seconds after casting hydra) and takes on any of the multi headed runes but does not add to the grand total of 10 hydra heads for the damage and toughness buff of the set.


How will this help ? Mostly it will allow the wizard to move and still do damage so a T16 build would actually work (current TV is so laboriously slow its a pain to play on T16 and you literally cannot play it in a group at all) the set bonus could even increase the damage of your personalised hydra while you are moving to counter the damage bonus of channeling items which buff your placed on the ground standard hydras. This would make for farm more engaging gameplay that outdoes the LOD variant simply due to its new set mechanic.

This was obviously inspired by the spirit barrage Manitou rune that floats above you and does damage. It would be awesome if the wizard themselves changed into a multi headed terror beast with 6 Wizard heads spitting Hydra like attacks but with the limited team it would simply be easier to theft the Manitou coding and animation and replace it with a Hydra model instead (incidentally the "losing a head" animation uses a witchdoctor animation set which is pretty fun.

Simple terms, let the Typhoons Veil set give us an extra hydra that is mobile, a mounted turret that piggybacks a ride on our wizard and spews out damage on enemies unfortunate enough to discover what lies beyond the veil.

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