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WD Angry Chicken – Sprinter guide

diablo11 - WD Angry Chicken - Sprinter guide

Turns out it's possible to do solo. I finished the first act in 17:30, and I could do it better a second time; didn't try to sprint the rest because I was just after the WD campaign achievements and trying hard is quite taxing. Sprinter WD is way harder to do well than Sprinter Monk or DH.


  • Summon Zombie Dogs – Burning Dogs
  • Hex – Angry Chicken
  • Spirit Walk – Severance
  • Horrify – Stalker
  • Soul Harvest – Soul to Waste
  • Big Bad Voodoo – Jungle Drums


  • Fierce Loyalty
  • Grave Injustice
  • Tribal Rites
  • Midnight Feast (or whatever)

Follower: Scoundrel with triple shot is probably best at killing white mobs

Priority stats: CDR, pickup radius. Note: + movement speed stat on items & paragon caps at 25%. Also, all sources of movement speed stack additively.

How to: Our main mobility spell is Angry Chicken with the Manajuma set. While this spell is active, our mouse abilities turn into "nothing" and our 1-4 abilities turn into "explode and end the ability". The basic idea: cast Spirit Walk-Horrify-Soul Harvest-Big Bad Voodoo (simultaneously), cast Hex, wait until you think Spirit Walk is off cooldown, end Hex, repeat.

But, this being Blizzard, you can't just hit the right buttons in the right order and expect the game to work. If you hit the abilities too soon after leaving Hex, they don't get cast. If you hit Hex too soon after other abilities, those other abilities may not get cast. Ridiculously, if you use, say, button 1 to leave Hex, the "cooldown" to use the ability on button 1 is longer than if you had used some other button. I figured I'd put Dogs and Hex on the mouse and just push buttons 1-4 simultaneously with two fingers to end Hex and then again to cast the spells, but that makes all the buttons go "on cooldown".

The solution I came to was to put Hex on 4 and Big Bad Voodoo (which lasts 1 min) on right mouse. One finger between 1 and 2, one between 2 and 3, one on 4. Hit 4 to de-chicken, hit 123 (and right mouse occasionally, or just do that when there's a natural break), hit 4 to re-chicken. Left mouse (dogs) at the beginning of every act.

You have four sources of murder: Dogs and Scoundrel one-shot most white mobs, the exploding chickens you spawn once per second one-shot everything except maybe bosses, and your de-chickening explosion should one-shot everything. Sadly, only your highest-damage attack benefits from + chance to fear, and Rechel's Ring of Larceny gives you +60% movement speed when fearing an enemy but that doesn't trigger when you one-shot them. If your dogs could fear enemies, you could just up the difficulty until they no longer one-shot enemies, but alas.


De-chickening kills everything within 12 yards. Soul Harvest gets 1 stack per enemy within 18 yards when cast; +5% movement speed per stack; stacks last 30 sec and are refreshed by getting more; max 5 or 10 stacks (see Cube section). Horrify gets +20 movement speed for 4s and fears enemies within 18 yards to get you the Rechel buff. It may make sense to just ignore timing these abilities and get the buffs as they come, or you may wanna either intentionally de-chicken with enemies in the 12-18 yard zone or de-chicken and walk a few steps before casting the stuff and re-chickening. I mostly stuck to the first option during my trial run, and I think that's enough if you do everything else well but I can't say for sure which is easier; obviously the latter option is harder to perfect but maybe doing it poorly still helps your chances of finishing in 1 hour. Note: Wreath of Lightning (+25% speed for 3 sec) only procs off the de-chickening explosion. The probability is 5% (0.15*0.33) per enemy hit according to 2012 data.


  • Weapon and mojo: Manajuma's Way
  • Belt, pants, boots: 2x Captain Crimson and Krelm's Buff Belt or Illusory Boots – cube the other.
  • Gloves, shoulders, chest, helm: Leoric's Crown, 2x Mundunugu's Regalia, either Gloves of Worship (CDR shrine and MS shrine lasts longer) or Goldskin (we already get gold from Hoarder but it could help you stack up the Avarice buff faster, which then lets you reach some distant gold whereas Hoarder and/or Avarice would otherwise have dropped off).
  • Bracer: Warzechian Armguards
  • Jewelry: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Avarice Band, Rondal's Locket


  • Echoing Fury (+5% movement speed for 4 sec per enemy killed, up to 5 stacks) or Sacred Harvester (max 10 stacks Soul Harvest instead of 5; only pick this if you can keep the buff up consistently).
  • Krelm's Buff Belt or Illusory Boots. Actually, I don't know how necessary Illusory Boots is – maybe you could cube Leoric instead (especially if the legendary power has a bad roll) and wear both Gloves of Worship and Goldskin.
  • Rechel's Ring of Larceny
  • 4th slot, season 22: Echoing Fury or Sacred Harvester. You could also go for In-Geom or Messerschmidt's Reaver.


  • Boon of the Hoarder
  • Wreath of Lightning
  • Gogok only applies on the de-chickening explosion (and only once regardless of how many you hit). Get Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard I guess, to protect your Krelm buff.

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