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Weapon Throw LoN build. GRIFT 70 approved.

diablo7 - Weapon Throw LoN build. GRIFT 70 approved.

Are you tired of the other classes that launch Ice Bolts, Shields, Arrows, Bolts, hell even BLOOD at their enemies while you have to get close and personal. Do you feel like you have amazing potential from afar as well?

Welcome to the Weapon Throw club. Take the Primary skill Weapon Throw, the bread and butter of this build and equip it as your main skill. Now, you see that enemy over there, throw your weapon at it. It’s now dead. Congratulations. Your now apart of the club.

What? You want a more in depth setup? Alright. Here we go.

Find an Ancient Oathkeeper and Three Hundredth Spear. The Oathkeeper gives 50% attack faster to primary abilities with 150-200% damage increase. Three Hundredth Spear give Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear damage boost of 45-60%

Cube or Equip Depth Diggers (100% damage to primary skills) Vambraces of Sescheron (primary skill heal you for 4-6%) Aquila Cuirass (always have 50% damage reduc.) equip the other slots around these items as Ancient. Thanks to the LoN buff you will get 750% damage increase and 4% damage reduction for every Ancient equipped without a set bonus.


Main- Weapon Throw, Rune: Ricochet – Stand Back and watch your weapon fly across the screen at such speeds that your enemies won’t even know what hit them. Ricochet helps bounce the weapon to 3 other enemies within a 20 yard radius.

Wrath of the Berserker, Rune: Insanity – Wanna be really mad when you throw that weapon that it give you extra damage? Who doesn’t?!

Ground Stomp, Rune: Foot of the Mountain – yeah…that extra damage protection from Aquila only works with 90-95% ABOVE primary resource. Take this for a little boost.

Ancient Spear, Rune: Boulder Toss – throwing a boulder is a tough barbarian trait for anyone, it’s gonna expel all your fury but do a shit ton of damage. ( I mean, it’s boulder your throwing) it’s okay though, Weapon throwing will make you angry real quick.

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War Cry, Rune: Invigorate – Life is great, would you like to expand that by 10% while getting a bunch of it every second?

Battle Rage, Rune: Marauders Rage – never met a marauder who was kind? me neither. Take this for 15% more damage.


Simplicity Strength – Gives your primary abilities a nice buff in damage below 25. While the level 25 ability gives those abilities healing properties. Who says you can’t heal yourself while hurting others?


Gogak of Swiftness – Throwing weapons will become second nature and this gem gives you 1% attack speed and a 0.50 dodge that increases per level that stacks 15 times! Level 25 ability gives a nice little cool down bonus to abilities as well

Bane of the Trapped – can’t hit anything that moves fast. This will help you slow everything around you down (at gem level 25) but below 25 you do more damage to enemies affected by control impaired enemies!


Rampage – Cutting your enemies down over and over again with this bad boy will net you strength increases by 1% for 8 seconds up to 25 stacks!

Berserker Rage – Like Bruce Banner, your always angry. So why don’t you take some extra damage with that? How does 25% near maximum fury sound? I thought so.

Nerves of Steel – Hey, we get it. Sometimes the enemy gets to close and you find yourself on the wrong side of the never ending void. Take this freebie to reduce fatal damage to only 15% of your life for 3 seconds while taking 95% reduction damage and immunity to control impairing. Only toggles once every 60 seconds when proced.

Ruthless – You smell that? The smell of fresh of blood, the broken bones and the sounds of screaming from your enemies? Anything under 30% health will 40% more damage because of it.

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I went into this season with never playing around LoN before and the original plan was going back to the old but tried and true earthquake, seismic slam build minus the set, set.

When I saw the weapons listed above I wanted to try something different and quickly fell in love hunting for specific pieces and re-rolling a lot. But at paragon lv 481 I climbed into GRIFT 70. Am I going to push further? No idea, I had a lot of fun with the set up and the seasonal event definitely helped out from the word go but outside of the season…I don’t see it happening. The 4 grifts 65-70 sucked. I died a lot inside and came close several times to not making the time.

Below is the setup AT THE TIME I beat GRIFT 70 (Pig Sticker was my Primal).


Please, if you see something that is better or could use tuning, let me know! I wanna tweak this bad boy if possible.

Also; playing on Nintendo Switch, writing this on mobile.

Enjoy everyone!

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