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What makes a Diablo game… a Diablo game?

diablo17 - What makes a Diablo game... a Diablo game?

There seems to be a very loyal following for the first two games (myself included), but since then there has been a fracturing in the fanbase, and it's obvious that people loved D2 for different reasons. The current Diablo developers say they love Diablo too, but what exactly do they love about it? The direction the franchise is going doesn't seem to please anyone, with the exception of people who came into the franchise during D3 after it took a decidedly more arcade-style approach to gameplay, and that was the sole thing people liked about it.

Of all the would-be successors to the D2 throne, my favorite is Torchlight 2, but I appear to be in a minority on that one, as the things I loved about D2 were made better in that game, but for many others the change in theme and general aesthetic was a hardline so they turned to games like PoE and Grim Dawn, which are also great games and replicate the look and feel of D2, but divert too much from the core roguelike/rpg formula for my tastes (though at least they have one). D3 doesn't look dark and gritty in a realistic way, the rpg and roguelike elements were practically removed, and the gameplay is more focused on arcade flourishes, like building up kill counters and grabbing potions on the ground (powerups). The story plays out more like a bad marvel movie than a horror. In retrospect I dislike it more now than when it came out, and I was raging on the forums when it came out.

It seems like when they say "we love Diablo", the only way to take that as an honest statement and not marketing PR speak, is to assume they never played a Diablo game before D3, and their takeaway is that Diablo is an arcade game where you smash bad guys with a good vs. evil theme slapped on. In that context, Diablo:Immortal looks like a natural sibling next to D3. In that regard I think it's safe to say the franchise left us six years ago, not this year.

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Whatever it was you loved about D2, from the aesthetic, to the gameplay, to the item economy, was all abandoned already. The franchise has been headed by people who never liked the original games for the same reasons as most of their fans, if they ever loved them at all, as was evidenced by Jay Wilson back in the day.

That said, if Diablo 4 was released and it was everything you wanted it to be, what would that look like? What do you love about the franchise? What made you a fan to begin with?


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