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What other builds might I like?

diablo10 - What other builds might I like?

Over the last couple seasons, I've played maybe 150-200 hours. I've put most of those hours in on a typhon (or LoD) wizard, and enjoyed it, but didn't LOVE it enough that I didn't try other builds and classes out. But I've never found one that was just right for me, I don't think.

Hydra wiz: I enjoy that the lack of short-duration buffs means I can focus purely on positioning and such. No glancing down at my hotbar, no instant death because I let one ability wear off for a second, etc. No significant complaints about the build or style, really, though at higher GRs (I mean, I did like GR110 at best solo, 1100 paragon these days and mostly level 80-100 augs on not-ideally-rolled gears) playing around the CoE cycle so much does annoy me a little.

Vyr wiz: This was the first thing I played last season when I started up again, so maybe my noobiness was an issue then, but I generally disliked the in-and-out flow of archon.

DMO wiz: I liked the idea of playing with crown of primus and having my slow time be useful for the 1-2 buddies I sometimes play with, but the amount of setup just to have one orb hit hard was kinda silly. Also, being torn between melee range and distance was frustrating, trying to be IN my bubbles for the buffs and keeping explosive blast buffs up, while also needing to be at range for orb detonation to hit. Blech.

Firebird: hard pass. I take great issue with DR mechanics that require being stacked way the shit up before being remotely useful, and kiting through enemies constantly is frustrating when you're not in GRs where there is no loot to be picking up.

TR monk: I almost thought I found a new "main" when I tried this after hydra wiz. The ability to do damage steadily, but while still having a big burst to let loose via flurry? Fast movement? CC immunity? Serenity for emergencies or for utility (fuck that molten shit, i'm picking up those deaths breaths without waiting!)? All great. I never got a sunwuko set together well enough to make it work because of spirit issues though, and again, losing stacks of flurry or SW to stop to loot (or open doors… or just randomly because I moved my mouse across my character) was incredibly annoying.


WoL monk: I tried inna, sunwuko, and LoD. Again, I thought I might have found my next favorite character, but I kept having survivability issues. I hate cyclone strike for damage reduction because it needs to happen so frequently, and even the LoD version still felt awfully squishy unless I was using unity also (which I prefer avoiding if possible since I'm not always playing solo). Also, even with 60% cooldown reduction and OROTZ, unless I never used dash (let alone ally or mantra), epiphany would have several seconds of downtime most of the time.

Hammerdin: Too many shorter duration buffs to keep up all the time. Constant clicking without thought isn't fun. I want abilities like flurry and serenity that I can use wisely, not 4 abilities I need to activate every 5-8 seconds or else I'm useless. Oh, and the teleport/jump ability that I forgot the name of, the animation was painfully long.

Jade Harvester WD: didn't spend a lot of time on it, and didn't have all the supporting legendaries yet, but I kind of get the impression that it's another one of those "stack up your DR a lot before you can survive getting sneezed on … oh hey, btw, you also need to be in melee range" builds? Correct me if I'm wrong.

For anyone who is actually still bearing with me… do you have any suggestions for other builds I should try out? Or advice about revisiting one of the ones I have tried but with a different approach? I've played most of these builds for several hours each at GR 70ish levels to feel out the sets and abilities… not enough to have a total grasp of them by any stretch, but long enough that I thought I had the right idea about the build.

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