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What was your first experience with Diablo like?

diablo9 - What was your first experience with Diablo like?

I’d like to hear about your first experiences with Diablo!

Here is mine.

It was 1997, I was 12 years old. It was Sunday around noon. My family and I were leaving church to go have lunch together. The restaurant we were going to had a bit of a wait. Next door there was a computer shop, at that time I had mostly just played Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1. I loved games like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire (I love games with leveling and items/loot), a small collection of fighting games and other miscellaneous things.

I had asked my parents if I could step into the computer shop and just look around, usually I wouldn’t care but boredom compelled me that day.

I walk into the shop, big white monitors and PC towers all over the place, not much looked cool back then. Pretty boring shop but it’s better than waiting in line. There are a couple guys chit chatting about who knows what (I wasn’t big into PC’s back then) and some chatter and sounds coming from the back of the shop. They have a few games on the shelves and I flip the boxes over and just skim through the images to see if anything looks neat, I didn’t have any money to buy anything.

One of the older guys in the shop asks if I’m into computer games and I just mentioned I’ve played Warcraft 1 and it was fun. The guy walks from behind the counter and tells me there is a game I might like back in the “game room” and points to a door in the back of the store. Just a simple white door in the back of the small store that is partially open. I walk over to the door and see it’s darker inside. There is a sign saying to pay per half hour but he said not to worry about it and it’s fine to go back.

I open the door, it’s a dim lit room, the only thing lighting the room is the glow of the monitors lining the walls. 3 guys in this room, frantically clicking away, verbally calling out orders to each other and more jargon I don’t understand.


The guys see me and greet me. I ask what they are doing and they tell me they are playing a new game called Diablo. I ask if I can watch the game and they cheer me on to come watch the game.

I see the guys walking around in the game (they were in Tristram) and later delve into the catacombs. I watch as skeletons and demons start to chase them in real time, they are moving in real time, using skills, monitoring their health, healing and killing enemies. Loot drops, leveling, attributes, skill trees, gold and merchants in town. My mind was completely blown because I had only really played turn based RPG’s so a real time combat RPG was almost a new concept to me and especially on PC with a mouse and keyboard.

I’m instantly very interested into this game and one of the guys asks me if I want to try it out. My jaw dropped and I immediately shout “yes!” I played maybe a handful of minutes, enough to move around and chop up some enemies and I was instantly hooked. I thanked them all so much and ran out of the store to go back to my family, mostly to brag to my older brother that I just experienced the coolest thing of my life. He shrugged it off like I was lying but later found out for himself and also was hooked.

That year we got my dad Diablo for Christmas (really it was for us, but my dad is still a big gamer) after my mom was very resistant to it due to the name being Diablo but my brothers and I had been able to pull it off somehow. Finally, the time had come to get my hands back on a game that captured me like very few had and still hardly ever do.

Every since then I have been completely in love with the Diablo games.

tldr; left church with my family to go get lunch when I was a kid. Walked into a computer shop while we were on the waiting list and got to play Diablo 1 for 5 minutes and have been hooked on ARPG’s since.

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