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What’s Blizzard’s next best move? And other ramblings.

diablo20 - What's Blizzard's next best move? And other ramblings.

I was wondering about chess analogies… and Blizzard's overall strategy. You had this great player, opened the whole game up with e4… a really classic play, developed its bishops and knights (tons of blockbuster franchises dominating all over the board: Starcraft, WoW, Diablo…), controlled the center, then botched their next move with Diablo Immortal. I don't know – the equivalent of bringing out a queen that got chased back home and lost a couple turns, tempo, and development, now it's whole strategy is stuffed in and at risk.

Seems like the last move was pushing an A or H pawn instead of castling. And now the pawn structure is all pointing in the wrong directions, over extended and isolated pawns, pawn structure falling apart, no coordination of power pieces…

What would my play be… shore up the defenses, and get ready to launch a counter attack with a really well placed and effective move.

It has to be Diablo. It has to be great. I'd pull teams from wherever possible, scuttle other minor games for now, and put everything into Diablo. As fast as possible and push it out to regain some tempo. It is not just Diablo now. It would have to be a show of force, a restatement of their values. They botch this next play, it won't botch a move, it won't botch a franchise (already at risk). They lose everything. – the whole game. The brand of Blizzard-Activision will mean nothing.


They have to protect their name, which protects their franchises, which protects their games.

They have this incredible fan base and they're really dropping the ball. Someone way up the chain is stupid as shit and calling the shots. Get them out of there! They are weak, they lack vision, commitment, and strategy. I'd bet it's some punk that wears a tie to work every day with a jacket and nobody knows exactly what they do all day but they make the big decisions. Probably came out of business school and drives a sports car (corvette or Porsche). Fire that guy, and all of the people like him.

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That kind of person was good for business and leadership when it was about who you knew and your family and how scummy you were willing to create products and treat others. It has no place in the 21st century and in the gaming industry. It's too competitive.

Find that dude that hates leadership, puts in the hours, doesn't seek promotions, and everyone respects. The competent and passionate game developer that doesn't want to lead. That's who needs to lead Blizzard.

Not the scum hawk butt kissing managers, focused on money only, and divested from the product they oversee and community, that seem to be calling the shots right now.

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