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White Items and Crafting in Diablo 4

diablo4 - White Items and Crafting in Diablo 4

After the last blog post, I was convinced that Rare and even Magic items could be an essential part of the gearing process in D4, which is a breath of fresh air since in D3 everything that's not a Set/Legendary item is junk. But what about white (Common) items? In D2 they had some value – Runewords or the Class specific items could roll with a number of good skill-up affixes. Looking at what Last Epoch has done to crafting, I came up with the following suggestion.

General Philosophy

The idea behind crafted items in Diablo 4 is to allow the player some control over the gear he or she can acquire. Also it allows white items to still have a purpose in the game. Since all the drops are randomly generated a certain level of predictability could be used by new and veteran players alike to hit some of the stat thresholds within Diablo 4. But this should all come with a fair price, consisting of the right crafting components and a hefty sum of gold.

Brief Introduction

• Extract crating materials which are associated with a certain stat from magic, rare and legendary items. This process could be done via the Horradric Cube or a Crafting NPC.

• Upon extraction, the item is destroyed.

• Use a white item as your base.

• Crafted items come in 3 quality types – Normal, Elite, Exceptional.

• The quality of the craft determines the number of stat rolls and their possible ranges.

• One of the item bonuses is completely random. Normal crafted items allow you to select one predetermined stat, Elite – 2, Exceptional – 3.

• The extracted item bonuses are converted into essences – Lesser, Normal and Greater.


• Lesser Essence is extracted from Magic Items, Normal from Rare Items and Greater Essence from Legendary Items:

The stats from Lesser Essences can roll between 30-50% of the stat capacity. For example: 30-50 Mana;

The stats from Normal Essences can roll between 51-75% of the stat capacity. (51-75 Mana);

The stats from Grater Essences can roll between 76-100% of the stat capacity. (76-100 Mana);

• You can only equip 3 crafted items at a time – 1 weapon and 2 armor pieces.

• Crafted items are soulbound and are named after the character who crafts them. (Suggestion: The materials however can be traded)

• Crafting plans are world drops. The Crafting NPC also needs to be the appropriate level required for the plans.

• Crafted items have purple text

Mock-up images attached.

Normal Crafted Item –
WW1a7qM - White Items and Crafting in Diablo 4


Elite Crafted Item –
SmMeAvI - White Items and Crafting in Diablo 4


Exceptional Crafted Item –
6w61iTF - White Items and Crafting in Diablo 4


Essences –
nCcH4zZ - White Items and Crafting in Diablo 4


Legend –
lH51CgG - White Items and Crafting in Diablo 4


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