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Who should be the main villain of RoS and how would you want the story to go? (+ future implications and speculations).

diablo3 - Who should be the main villain of RoS and how would you want the story to go? (+ future implications and speculations).

But first things first – if you happened to be on this subreddit, reading this post and by some miracle never played Diablo 3 or don't know anything about D3's story.. don't read it as it contains spoilers and congratulations, you are as rare as a good primal. I know.. but I feel I should include a warning anyway.

In short, Imperius was originally supposed to be the main villain of RoS. I wonder who in your opinion would be better and why? How would you want the story to go? What do you think would be the consequences of your alternate version of the story for D4? No limits, you can make up something completely new, slightly change what happened or just agree with how the story of RoS went.

My own take on this: I can see the positives and negatives in both versions. My ideal version however is entirely different. I would rather if the story of RoS went roughly like this:>! the main villain of RoS is an angel, leader of an angelic uprising/rebellion of angels who believe (like Malthael and Imperius) humans are too dangerous to exist. This would later provide a reason to why the gates of heavens are currently closed in D4. This main villain would be a completely new character. Imperius, Auriel and the rest of the council would work to stop this rebellion tho Imperius while he wouldn't openly support them, he also wouldn't actively work against them. These rogue angels would go off to find Malthael (now weak and a little crazy Malthael wondering the pandemonium fortress since he originally disappeared). They would force him to reveal how to use the stone to destroy humanity. They would later steal the stone and kill Tyrael who tried to stop them. The stone would be used in the same way as in original RoS. The main difference in the expansion would be that we now fight not against some reapers but instead we fight against something like rogue angelic inquisition that's trying to kill the humanity. We would have to find and rescue Malthael and find out how to stop the rogue angels. During the story it would be implied that Imperius is secretly behind all this (but not in an obvious way). Angels wouldn't be able to assist humanity because they have a civil war going on in heavens. In the end with Malthaels help we would find the main villain and the souls stone, the fight would play out similarly, except this time the main villain does not destroy the stone. We would defeat him. The stone is literally harvesting hundreds of human souls every second. The Nephalem has no choice, he/she strikes the stone with all his/her might, destroying the stone. The Nephalem would not survive the explosion and his/her ultimate sacrifice would save humanity but it would also bring doom upon us all in the future, as with the destruction of the stone, all the evil trapped inside is now free. (Thanks to this we can have more bosses to fight in D4.. and we're really screwed. And we can get rid of the ultimate power of all Diablo lore – the Nephalem.. a giant writing mistake. The Mary Sue of Diablo.) !<


Future implications: In the last cutscene (the old-book-style-one) we would learn (Malthael would narrate): The angelic civil war would end shortly after this, the rogue angels would be killed or exiled. Auriel would become suspicious of Imperius who would order to close the gates of heaven to bring order back. The events of RoS would make angels question whether it was a right decision to spare humanity long time ago. Imperius would gain a lot more respect and power among angels. The weight of the council's voice would fade away. Nearly half of humanity is gone, we enter the dark ages even for Diablo's standards. The civilizations break apart into many smaller groups. The law no longer applies in most places. Humanity is hopeless and left to its own devices. At the last cutscene (this part would be a regular cinematic) after Nephalem dies, Malthael would go back to Imperius and in a giant cliffhanger he would say something like "It is done."Imperius would be standing back to Malthael, turn his head slightly in his direction and reply "Now we can begin." (Yes, it was all Imperius' plan. He started and secretly supported the rebellion, tricked and used the main villain's hate for humanity to start the events that would give Imperius more "political" power and make angels question humanity. He has set all the evils free knowing they will be weak for a while and fighting among themselves. He got rid of the Nephalem – the only hope of humanity in case Imperius would attack and the only person who stands in the way of his great plan to end the eternal conflict. The only thing he didn't expect was Lilith's return. He worries that Lilith can bring back the power of the Nephalem in humanity. But he decides to wait and let the 3 sides bleed (humanity, hell and Lilith + her followers) while he's seizing power in heavens and preparing his invasion. After we (probably) kill Lilith in D4 and presumably after some cinematic, there would be a small scene after the credits with Auriel warning the player about what's coming. Imperius would be the main villain of D4's first expansion and would rain down the holy fire from the sky, with his armies of angelic inquisitors.)

So.. that's VERY roughly how I wanted the story to go. I'm curious on what you guys will come up with.

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