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Why D2 is still the best.

diablo7 - Why D2 is still the best.

Because it has good PvM and good PvP.

Other games have only PvM.

How dumb a game developer you must be to not even get a fun and near balanced PvP when a game 10 years older managed to do that. Lol, because you listen to whiners suddenly PvP is bad? I think its just lazyness honestly, too lzy to try and make it good.

Of course gear matters, but once all chars are decked out a fight can go one or or the other, there is more than one deciding factor.

For example, a high run walk necro with cannot be frozen now can play a run and gun tactic vs a druid who would otherwise always get the upperhand due to the advantage mechanics of the game. Some builds counter better than others. Few builds can beat an 8 player pub game totally without ever changing once, its fun when you get a public game where you can get ur corpse back, and can duel everybody in order, everybody is gonna fight eveybody somewhere on the map, there is like an automatic control of your successive duels when you have attained a certain level of godlyness, if you show respect in the pub, show your strenght and let your oppnents have fun they will do the same for you.

Another example, the feeling when you cast bone prison on an incoming smiter, decrep him then dispose of him by fhr lock, is very appealing to me. Your mechanics owned him, and you bmed, it feels good. Had he had higher FHR and higher telespeed, who knows, he could have attempted a jump and charge/kill move.

And if you wish to organise teams that is also an option, altho this usually ends in quick deaths unless both are extremely alert to the others power.

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Its not jut a 2 click game. It can be very high level and 20 minutes duel Hybrid sin vs necro. Even mana and regen comes to play.

You people dont know what you talking about with your balance whining and saying its a no skill thing, when you both go god gear what is the other deciding factor? Game knowledge, timing, luck, item strategy. Just like any other MOBA.

All classes were good, hydrib sin, ghost,, Barb, smiter, necro, hybrid din, Blizz sorc….. Amazon sucked tho, for sure there needs a patch for amazon in PvM and Nerf sanctuary runeword its too BM.

Also, the game had the best and sickest items, some of these rare items were very coveted by collectors, some of them opened totally new builds that you could only dream of, and to own such a trophy felt very good.

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