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Why Diablo 2: Resurrected is about to be your favourite ARPG

diablo1 - Why Diablo 2: Resurrected is about to be your favourite ARPG

Hey guys! In this post I’m going to elaborate on why I think Diablo 2 resurrected is going to be your new favourite arpg for a very long time. (Players new to Diablo 2)


The music in Diablo 2 is absolutely iconic. It’s still being used today in blizzards content because it’s that good. The music in act 1 will forever be engraved in your brain after a certain amount of play time and you will be at peace every second you spend in town. It’s truly breath taking! Enough said.

Combat: The combat in Diablo 2 is wonderful. You feel every single hit when attacking the Ai and the sound effects make it that much better! It’s not to slow paced and it’s not too fast. Every enemy in the game requires thought put into your approach on how you’re going to fight.

There’s immunes you have to work around also and that’s where your mercenary comes in to help! (Yes! Your mercenary is actually useful in Diablo 2!) Tired of cool downs and the game telling you how to play and when to use that specific skill? Say goodbye to that and welcome in the freedom to spam the skill of your choice till you’re all out of mana!! Want to cast frozen orbs until your hearts content!? Go crazy!!

You have full control over what skills you want to use and when to use them. No more waiting! The combat in Diablo 2 is one of my many favourite parts about the game and is a big reason I think many of us veterans love it so much.


Diablo 2 does its skill tree very well in my opinion! There’s plenty of builds you can choose from on each character (Some much stronger then others and some completely scuffed) but that doesn’t take away the fun in playing even the lesser strength builds! Their unique in their own way and still a great time. Sure, the skill tree could have many more skills on it of course and that would be awesome but I don’t ever feel like it’s “not enough diversity”.

There’s plenty of skills to specialize in and with the way the game is setup, you can make multiple characters of the same class with different builds on each one! For any new player, you’ll soon realize just how fun it is to be playing on a fire sorcerer that you spent so much time on but then realize you now want to have a lightning and cold sorc as well added to your arsenal so you’ll end up making many many more characters! If you’re anything like a lot of us who’s played Diablo 2 for years, you’ll end up making a lot more then 3 of the same class.

Maybe you want a “Frozen orb cold sorc? Or maybe you want a blizzard Cold sorc? The choice is yours and you have plenty of builds to choose from! Now that might sound a bit crazy! You’re probably wondering, who in the right mind would create so many characters!? Who would want to spend all that time constantly levelling up new ones? Which brings me to my next point!


Levelling up characters in Diablo 2 is hands down one of the most funnest times I had in any game. I’ve probably made over 100 characters in Diablo 2 during my many years spent on the game on and off. The reason it’s so much fun and why I feel you’ll have an absolute blast levelling up your characters is because of the social experience you’re going to run into. Diablo 2 isn’t like a lot of the newer arpgs where you speed level by yourself to quickly hit end game and start gearing.

The levelling almost always involves you joining 8-player games, such as Tristram runs from 0-15, then tomb runs from 15-20 and then cow runs from 20-24 ect. During your levelling experience you’re going to be having amazing conversations with the other 7 players in your lobby all aiming to achieve the same goal. You’re going to meet some of the most humble people you’ve ever met. Some of the best people I met were on Diablo 2 during my time spent on the game.

It’s an extremely chill experience and nothing less then a vibe. You’ll lose yourself in the game for countless hours just chatting. Most games now have only 4 player lobbies and even then, the experience is not half as engaging as it is on Diablo 2 (in my opinion). Some arpgs now a days severely lack in the group play as a whole! More people in a single game always leads to more fun and more conversation!! If you’re a multiplayer person who enjoys conversation when slaying demons then you’ll be right at home! And if you’re a solo player who likes the challenge then you’ll have a blast too!! It’s a win win!!

Map Design

When it comes to map design, all I can say is “Wow”. Several different biomes all feeling completely different and unique. Whether you’re traversing the desert in act 2 or in the pits of hell in act 4 watching the lava burn, it’s a sight to see! Being in the maggot lair in act 2 in such a tight confined area really shows you how unique the map design is.

The diversity is amazing and the map design was very well made. Or being in the arcane sanctuary trying to find the right way to go out of your 4 options to choose from! It all feels so unique and makes the levelling experience that much more enjoyable. There’s nothing worse then levelling a character in a game with a bad bland map design.

It becomes a boring ride on a rollercoaster that you wish would end faster then it started but you never feel that during your adventure in Diablo 2. You’ll find yourself lost in each act and the experience will be completely different then your previous act and it’s a refreshing change of scenery and pace’

Itemization/Drop Rate:

The items and drop rates in Diablo 2 are amazing! You may have had some bad experiences in games where the loot drops so much you reach a point quickly where the excitement is lost. Or perhaps where the drops just don’t feel exciting at all in general? Well I’m here to say, the items and drop rates in Diablo will blow you away.

When you find your first high rune or an item of any decent worth you will be filled with so much damn excitement that you’ll be jumping out of your chair. The complexity is also wonderful! It’s not to complicated for the casual players, and it’s also not to basic where the hardcore players want “more”. It hits a perfect balance in the middle and I feel that’s why so many people adore Diablo 2. I myself personally love it, and it’s been my favourite in any arpg I’ve ever played. There’s also craft able Rune words (Rune created items) that can only be made in seasons which gives you more incentive to jump in those fresh starts which hold good value in the non season roll overs!!


Keep in mind, when you’re in groups or open games the loot is a free for all! BUT, that’s one of the most exciting parts! You’re constantly on edge waiting for something of value to drop!! Now let me tell you, when your the person who picks up that item or finds that item first you’ll be jumping for joy! Especially after you identify it!!

It’s an experience like no other game!! ( that I know of ) and to touch upon that further, when you identify the item and it’s something amazing, everyone celebrates with you in joy usually! Or better that, some even start making you trade offers because they want it!! Then you all of a sudden you turn into a video game business man and the hustle begins!! Or you can be noble and give the item away for free to help that less rich person in game and put a smile on their face!! The choice is yours! 🙂

My point to all of this is, you have a whole new level of excitement during your hunt for loot, be it with others or alone! It’s a special experience you’ll soon come to absolutely love and cherish for as long as possible. Items have a different feel when the risk is high and the drop rate is lower. But that’s the best damn part about the game when it comes to itemization in my opinion. That’s also what makes some items have such a high value and rarity!! At first I was a bit of a skeptic when I found out about those mechanics but I quickly came to realize that it was so much damn fun beyond belief.


I love trading and I feel a lot of you will too!! There’s nothing better then finding a rare item that holds a huge value to someone else’s favourite character and now you’re sitting on a gold mine of fortune. At that very second you’re filled with so much excitement knowing you can trade that item and it isn’t locked to your account. Not only can you trade it to another player in game but it could be worth so much that it can gear that new assassin you wanted to make for pvp!

Or gear that new magic find sorc that you made with higher magic find equipment!! The possibilities are endless. Trading instantly makes almost every item you find full of value which then brings more excitement to you when you find it. How many times have you found an item in another arpg and said “damn, I’ll never use this, I wish I could trade it” . Well now you can!!

This feature alone makes your hunt for items much more exciting and enjoyable! There were times I spent most of my time on Diablo 2 simply creating games for hours trading items through out the day and night. It’s an absolute blast and when done correctly, you can profit huge!! Once you master it, you can then gear your characters much faster and hunt for those ultra rare best in slot more expensive items for your builds!! It’s a hell of a time!

You’ll also meet a ton of awesome people and have great conversations during those trades! A good portion of the people you meet will probably end up on your friends list!

Custom lobbies:

THIS FEATURE, I cannot stress just how amazing it is and I have no idea why no other game to my knowledge has done it since. This is single handedly one of the best damn features in Diablo 2. Here’s an example of some of the game names you’ll come across:

Baal runs-01 (For levelling to 99)


Jah for Ber

Bring Ele Gcs

Amazon Trades

Come chill!

Parking lot (hang outs)

Duels (pvp in act 1)

Clan pvp

Trist-01 (levelling)

Cows-01 (levelling)

Chaos runs-01 (levelling)

Rush me plz (looking for a speed rush)

Those are some examples of just how good these custom lobbies are for taking on any task you want or even just looking to hang out and meet new friends and chill out for a bit! Custom lobbies aren’t just great at finding specific games for content you want to achieve but they also make your experience in Diablo 2 that much more immersive, especially when there’s 8 people per lobby. Ever feel like hooking someone up with free gear their looking for? Now you can join their game and do so. Want to help rush someone? Now you can. Want to trade for a specific item? Looking to just chill and talk with fellow like minded people? The world is yours on this game. The freedom to do whatever you want is yours on this game. I’ve played many arpgs and none have given me the experience Diablo 2 has.


I’ve never been a huge fan of pvp in arpgs but somehow Diablo 2 had me completely immersed in it. Let me tell you, it’s ALOT of fun when done right. First I’ll tell you where to go and that’s “Act 1 just outside of town”. You will witness many brawls in act 1. It’s iconic.

Meet that one person who decides to talk smack? Want to show off your pvp character? Go crazy with it!! There’s tons of pvp lobbies and sometimes pvp even pops off in the random game your in when you’re levelling! You might witness two people or multiple people go at it and it’s a heck of a lot of fun!! (Watch out for those dirty hammerdins and trapsins if you don’t have absorb) 😛 At one point you’ll decide to join in on it and I can guarantee even if you don’t like pvp you’ll have a bit of fun with it!!

Does all of that sound fun to you!?? If so, you’re in for a treat. What excites me the most about Diablo 2 coming back isn’t so much that I get to fully immerse in that world again but that I get to watch it be discovered all over again to a whole new generation. Now everyone who has heard the many great things said about Diablo 2 can finally see for themselves. It’s an absolute master piece for its time. Perfect you may ask? Heck no, nothing is! But in my opinion it does a lot of things great and for that I love it along with millions of others and I believe you will too as a new player! From the music, to the combat, to the items, classes and social experience. I truly feel that the game will hit different to those who have never played it and I also truly feel that it’ll be your new favourite arpg if not one of them, once you experience just how special it really is’

Goodluck and have fun when it arrives!! Hope you enjoyed the read!

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