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Why did the Triune bring back Lilith?

diablo2 - Why did the Triune bring back Lilith?

Like the previous post, this is a re-post from D4 sub. There's just more people here and I want to hear more ideas people have about this.

Like in my previous lore-related post, first I'll make sure to let you know that this is all just speculation and fun, so don't take anything seriously. This one is really less of a prediction or speculation but rather a discussion, because I'm not entirely sure what's going on and I'd like to hear your ideas and perspectives on it.

On one of the Blizzcon 2019 panels one of the devs said that the Triune brought back Lilith and that they worship the Prime Evils and want them to return. I have some trouble understanding why they would bring back Lilith, and why the "pale man" from the trailer would help them. It seems weird because the Triune worships the Prime Evils, and Lilith isn't exactly on good terms with them, and because the "pale man" is unlikely to be with the Triune imo.

Here's where it gets weirder for me. The pale man in the cinematic says "blessed mother, save us". Who is "us"? He can't possibly be a regular cultist due to his powers and because the only people or only thing that needs saving right now is the Sanctuary. Heaven is not involved at all, humanity and sanctuary is in ruins, and demons are rampaging across the lands, we see Duriel in sanctuary and we know the Prime Evils are coming. So clearly the sanctuary needs saving and no one else, and clearly Hell is in the position of power right now. So we know the pale man cares about saving sanctuary for whatever reason. It seems like he is not with the Triune because why would the Triune care about sanctuary, and also because they don't need to be saved since they are on the side of Hell.

I see 2 options here. One – The pale man is Rathma, or someone else concerned with the balance, maybe one of his students or something. Balance = keeping the influance of Hell and Heaven away from sanctuary. Since Heaven has no influence on sanctuary atm, and Hell is clearly in the position of power, the balance if way off. And like our horadric friend from the gameplay trailer said "there's no one left to stand against them". Maybe Rathma or someone else concerned with the balance and sanctuary (who knows maybe Trag'Oul is involved), knows there is no one who can possibly counteract Hell's influence and thus he decides to "ally" or use the Triune to summon Lilith and then use her to fight off Hell, because we know Lilith and Hell are on bad terms.


The 2nd option I see is that the pale man is someone else and actually is part of the Triune, but that means the Triune need saving.. which doesn't really make sense.. unless all the demons are attacking them aswell because they have no rulers. Remember – All the Evils are free now, but they were all killed, they would need some time to return. Hell might be in complete chaos right now. Maybe the Triune wants to bring back Lilith to seize control over the rampaging demons, fill the power vacuum.. the tricky part here is that they want to bring back the prime evils and she very likely doesn't.

I personally lean to the 1st option. But my confusion comes from the combination of the Triune, Lilith, the pale man, and all the circumstances.. something seems off to me. But maybe I just got my lore wrong or something.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your ideas. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe there's some 4D storytelling going on. In case I got my lore right – I don't think D4 team would change the lore or do anything without a good reason. Regardless of whether I got something wrong and it all actually makes sense or not – I'm excited to see where this is going.

Edit 1: the Triune would be against Inarius.. could it be that Inarius escaped because of all the chaos in the burning hells and that's another reason they would bring her back?

Edit 2: I know about the Rathma "leak" from the past, I didn't include it here because I wanted to only go by the lore and by what the devs shared officially. But right now I personally do think the pale man is Rathma.

Edit 3: Ok, I saw the missing finger theory but I'm not sure if it refers to Rathma. But it's a big clue regardless.

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