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Why is there so much negativity regarding D4 and especially the itemisation in D4

diablo11 - Why is there so much negativity regarding D4 and especially the itemisation in D4

Hey guys,

This will be a longer post. I signed up to this subreddit because i want to know why there is so much negativity here around.

About me:

I play Blizzard games for over 25 years. My maingame is Starcraft 2 (i came from Broodwar). I play only PvP (started now also with Lol….). But i also played all diablo games (its a more relaxed experience if you only play hardcore PVP games like starcraft and LoL). I really like the lore and the games of the Diablo franchise ( i know D3 was bad and failed).

About Blizzard in general

Well the last years are not good for SC Fans….. They dont support the game any longer. We all hope Dream heaven and Frost Giant will make the next great RTS. But i have to say SC II Lotv is the best RTS i have ever played. Blizz did a good job there. Its a hardcore PvP game and thats great for competitive players like me….. But after that there was nothing that got me very excited from Blizzard (i dont care about overwatch and hearthstone got really bad over the years)….. Also Diablo 3 was a really bad game for Blizzard standards. I play it from time to time but the story, items and graphics (to colourfull and gimmicky) are bad but the combat in D 3 is the best i have ever seen in any ARPG to this day.

This brings me to Diablo 4

The only game im hyped for from Blizzard is Diablo IV (i will have a look at D2 resurrected but thats it). But there are some things that make me sad and this is the Diablo community.

Why are so many people saying D4 looks like D 3. D4 has the best dark atmosphere i have seen and it reminds of the times when i played D II. In no way the art and ingame gameplay have any similarity to D 3. Also they have developed a new engine for D 4. Some people are just lying and say its the D 3 engine…..This is not the case its a complete new engine!!!.

Art and Graphics

The graphics, art and cinematics are top notch thats it. There is nothing more to say about it. People who complain about it are living in the past. I remember we had the same problem when Blizz released SC2. Some Broodwar players were saying oh the gameplay and Graphics are not good. Bla bla bla. Its only because some people only want to play their old games over and over agian and are not open for new things. Its crazy.


The gameplay looks amazing. The combat is great. The spell effects are super good. I dont understand the most complains about it.

Skill system and talent tree

Well i do understand that all people had complains about the shallow skilltree which was shown at first on Blizzcon. But the last community update showed that that they do changes to the game and are listining. We have individual stats back like it was in D 2 (Str. DEX. and so on). Skillsystem looks good in general. Also the new skilltree is not that bad. I would also like to have a more complex skilltree. But the new model looks better than the last one from Blizzcon 2019. Also remember when i look at POE the skilltree is amazing but there is a lot illusion of choice in it. But the Diablo community is right that Blizzard has to work on the skillsystem and give us a more complex skilltree. Also for me it would be cool if you cant respec your char. Well if you take a skill it should be forever…. But thats me i also play Diablo only in hardcore 🙂

I understand the complains about the skilltree to a certain degree but it seems to get better.



Well at Blizzcon 2019 the items looked not very promising. After Blizzcon 2019 there was an update about items and they introduced angelic and demon power (i dont remeber the 3rd power). I liked those changes. They got rid of it but they did a change to items. Which shows that they are listening. Than we got the update in December 2020. I really liked the items that they showed especially the unique ones. They told and showed us that rare and magic items will matter and not only high tier items will be the ultimate choice. They also introduced different weapon speeds and types in weapon classes. It looks good. They worked on the item system and it seems to get better. I know there is much work to do but i see progression and its really good progression.

About Attack and Defense

These are base stats which are for casual palyers. In no way these stats are the main choice if you equip an item. I dont understand why they should not keep these base stats simple. Again if you equip an item you dont choose to equip the item because it has very good attack and defense. These are base stats and only matter in early stages of the game. The important stats are the affixes. And i saw many items which had good and interesting affixes in the last community update (especially the unique ones). Its ok to keep some things easy for new players if there is depth in other choices like affixes. Its insane how much useless discussion we have about simple base stats like attack and defense. I dont want to calculate base stats forever to see if its good or not. Its ok for the affixes but not for simple base stats.

Complains about rare item at Blizzconline in gameplay demo

This made me rage really hard. It was just one rare item. We had had a community update in December which promised and showed us better and more complex items. Now some people see one random rare item at blizzconline and rage. Are you kidding me??? This could be a place holder, not reworked or a bad drop. You dont know if the main changes from the December update in 2020 are even implemented in the game. People seem to just look for any unimportant thing and try to shit on it because they want to troll.

In general i see good progression in the item system because of the community update we had in December 2020.


Here i do understand the complains. I want to have hardcore PVP mode. When they had pvp anounced in D 3 they had an arena where you could duell. But they got rid of it. This looked cool. I want PVP ladders and hardcore PVP in arenas for D 4. For example 1v1 and 2v2. Im a competitive person and this would be really cool for me. They dont even have to balance it to hard. It should be a fun brawl experience. I know that Diablo is no E-sport but there could be a ladder in PVP just for fun……..


For me it goes the following way. I know that Blizzard fucked up very hard in the last years (Especially at Blizzcon 2018). But i have really high hopes for D 4. If they fuck this up im done with Blizzard……. But all i see is promising. I dont understand the negativity here especially on reddit.

You get a new Diablo game and a remaster. You should be thankfull. We the Starcraft community gets nothing……..

You can shit on the game when its released and its bad. Thats ok. But all i see for now is that the D 4 team cares and does listen. Especially for itemisation.

Give Diablo 4 a chance. They had a bad game with D3 but please give D4 a chance. The franchise deserves this.

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