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Why isn’t Blizzard…sorry Activision backpedaling?

diablo7 - Why isn’t Blizzard...sorry Activision backpedaling?

Simply put we’re not their market anymore. Western+UK no longer matter to Activision. They want the Asian market which has far larger “whales” than we do. They don’t care how bad the stock gets or how bad the western media is because the moment they release even if 1% of the western market plays Diablo Immortal the Asian market will offset the other 99%+

So how do you win? You have to get the Asian market to boycott Activisions doings. Disliking a video or posting on Reddit won’t do it. This weirdly enough isn’t like the EA debacle where Star Wars is a Western franchise Asia doesn’t care about.


This scenario we don’t matter at all. The Asian market has to boycott this, has to boycott Netease and all future Mobile Activision games. If we can get that to happen we will win handedly. But the Asian market has to stand up against this trash.

That’s how we win this fight. So anyone in Asian countries spread the word, word of mouth is very powerful. Keep people all your friends at schools and universities away from this franchise/Netease. DONT EVEN DOWNLOAD IT “just to see” those downloads will be SKEWED to investors as wins. It needs to be a full boycott!


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