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Why The Blizzard We Used To Know(and love) Is Dead

diablo12 - Why The Blizzard We Used To Know(and love) Is Dead

Link to post on blizzard reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Blizzard/comments/blpqx7/why_the_blizzard_we_used_to_knowand_love_is_dead/

Posting on this subreddit only(not including blizzard reddit). Diablo has been my favorite blizzard game since D3 got released(i bought the game 4-5 times) and i know all of your pain regarding D:I. Here's what the post says:

-Why The Blizzard We Used To Know(and love) Is Dead-

Step 1: Merge with A¢tivi$ion

Step 2: There is no step 2

Ever since blizzard merged with A¢tivi$ion, blizzard has gone from the King of game companies, who created games to be known as the best in class, to being ruled by their greedy masters at A¢tivi$ion. Not only is A¢tivi$ion laying off blizzard employee's to–quote, un-quote cut cost's–, but now look at their game lineup; Diablo: Ca$hportal, and specifically Call of Dollar'$ Black Ca$h 4 which i want to touch base on.

COD BO 4 cost me 40$ to buy the pack for multiplayer and their BR mode. The standard edition is 60$ and that doesn't include the 40$ battle pa$$. There have only been 4 additional maps since COD BO 4 released, or 2 maps every 3 months, when there used to be 4 maps every 3 months. Also, it's 10$ for 1000 gold coins(MtX) where you can get one face paint and 1 weapon skin(out of 35 weapons). So basically not only are you paying at least 100$ for the game and battle pa$$, but then, to access the premium character and weapon skins, you have to pay more money to unlock them instead of just grinding or playing well.


To say the least, the backlash from the diablo: immortal reveal was well deserved as that was blizzard showing us their now fat faces due to the amount of cash activi$ion is providing them. Activi$ion is not hands off like some companies(tencent with grinding gear games comes to mind(path of exile)) and it's obvious it is literally killing blizzard from the inside out. Blizzard has gone from a company that is passionate about their games and community to being a corporate entity that only cares about making cash because that's what activi$on want's. It's no wonder every blizzard icon(Mike Morhaime/Chris Metzen, to name a few) left blizzard…it's because they knew that the blizzard they had once loved and knew was gone, so they left. It's sad really.

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Edit: Changed diablo: immortal to diablo: ca$hportal for clarity. Also, remember me when actiblizz send their hitmen out to kill me this month.

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