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Will I lose out on a lot of what makes Diablo 3 great if I play it on a console (switch) compared to the PC?

diablo6 - Will I lose out on a lot of what makes Diablo 3 great if I play it on a console (switch) compared to the PC?

So I have never played diablo and am interested in purchasing it. I'm thinking of either buying it on the PC or on the switch. I'm not trying to make this into a pc vs console war thread, I have both consoles and a PC and both have their merits. I'd ideally get it on the switch due to couch co-op(likely won't be used though), can play it offline, and can play it portably. I have read up on this port and supposedly it is great, so I'm not too worried about performance and peak graphical performance isn't a huge deal either (I know the switch will look a bit worse). My main worries are:


1)Is it too complex to effectively be played on a console well? Are there too many spells, actions, things to do, targeting problems, etc in battle that just can't be done well on a console and makes it more tedious than fun? For example, WoW could never be played on a console, there is just too damn much going on and I sometimes felt I didn't even have enough key binds on a computer at times when I played it. Now I don't think it would be remotely close to that situation, but it still worries me that it wouldn't feel completely smooth mid fight.

2) Is the trading/finding groups/online components in general component significantly worse than the PC version? Will I miss out on a lot of these types of aspects if I play on the switch? Now I know the game has been out for a while on the PC so I'm sure the player numbers have gone down substantially and since the switch version is still relatively new the player numbers may still be high which may make it a little more even. It still worries me, and is my main worry, that I'll be losing out soon actual content in the game if I play on the switch. I know the PC version will be better, but for the most part will I not be losing out on much on the switch in these finding groups/trading/etc types of things other than fairly minor things?


None of this would be an issue if I could sync up both PC and Switch together, I would just buy both. This would be ideal because I would be able to use the switch when I'm on the go or to play couch co op and when I was home I would just use my pc. Why more games don't do sync this way (mainly with the switch) I don't understand they would easily get 2 purchases of the game from a lot of people, but I digress.

I was also looking into Path of Exile and the consensus seems to pretty much be don't play it on xbox, just pc because there is a lot of negatives to playing on a console whereas there seems to be a decent amount of praise towards diablo 3 on the switch.


Now I know that Diablo 3 on the PC will technically be the best experience, however, if it is essentially just as fun and I don't actually miss out on anything playing on the switch I would love the extra versatility. Overall, what are your thoughts on this especially with my main concerns? Thanks.

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