Diablo 3

Witch Doctor is so underwhelming

diablo4 - Witch Doctor is so underwhelming

Demon Hunter: clears entire screens in 1 second from miles away with some of the highest mobility in the game

Necromancer: freezes every single mob in the game and summons big zappy bois that oneshot everything besides Rift Guardians

Crusader: an invincible exploding vacuum cleaner repeatedly instagibbing everything in its path

Monk: dashes infinitely and deletes entire screens at range like a demon hunter, but with even less regard for their safety because 30% extra built in damage reduction. The holy trinity of power, speed, and toughness that most characters can only have two of for balance purposes

Barbarian: holds or autocasts m2 and gains extreme tankiness + move speed + clears all mobs in his path with no effort or resource management required

Wizard: 360 spinning Disintegrate melts everything while spells autocast themselves and slow time down


Witch Doctor: "Uhh…gargs that cleave! But I have to group everyone up first and rely on crappy AI…firebats! But I have to stand still to channel that and the range is garbage…fetishes! But they're weak and slow at clearing…jade harvester! But then I have to spam Haunt all the time…chicken build! But then I can't cast anything in chicken form and sacrifice my main and off hand…locust swarm build! Wait, I can only clear Torment X with this efficiently…why is this spell the most expensive to cast and short ranged, but so weak? Well at least I can become completely invulnerable and ignore collision with Spirit Walk…but I'll die instantly when it's on CD and if my Soul Harvest stacks expire, which they often do and are annoying as fu*k to keep stacked and expire during cinematics / waiting sequences and when all the above classes are clearing rifts twice as fast as you with less risk and you can't find a mob to refresh your stacks because they're already dead…well at least I look cool cosmetically compared to other classes right…wait I'm literally hunched over and trembling, and my armor pieces all look scrunched up and disfigured. NVM I'm just gonna roll a Monk. ROH ROH ROH ROH" spams Wave of Light with the other 3 monks in my party

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