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Witch Doctor Locust Swarm Build

diablo1 - Witch Doctor Locust Swarm Build

(Wasn't sure if the flair should be Witch Doctor or Gear Check)
So I'm trying to make a Witch Doctor build mainly centered around the Locust Swarm skill. I've looked around and couldn't find anything that resembles what I wanted to do. I'm looking to make it T16 viable but I believe my cap is T13-14. I have tried some of the set armors, but they just weren't what I want the build to be centered around. Here's what I have set up for the build so far. If you have ideas on what I should slot in place of what I currently have let me know. Thanks!

Helment: Tiklandian Visage (Ancient) – Horrify Causes you to Fear and Root enemies around you seconds.
Chest: CinderCoat (Ancient) – Reduces the resource cost of Fire Skills (I know there's a better slot for this one)
Shoulder: Death Watch Mantle (Ancient) – Chance to explode in a fan of knives
Hands: Magefist (Ancient) – Fire skills deal increased damage
Main Hand: Empyrean Messenger (Ancient) – no added bonus
Belt: String of Ears (Ancient) – reduce damage from melee attacks ( I think Hwoj Wrap {Locust Swarm slows enemies} would be a better fit here I just haven't gotten an Ancient version0
Legs: Swamp Land Waders (Ancient) – Sacrifice deals additional damage against enemies affected by locust swarm or grasp of the dead (Probably not the best in slot)
Feet: Ice Climbers (Ancient) – Gain immunity to Freeze and Immobilize effects
Ring 1: Band of Hollow Whispers – Occasionally haunts nearby enemies
Ring 2: The Short Man's Finger (Ancient) – Gargantuan summons three smaller gargantuan with their damage increased
Off Hand: Vile Hive (Ancient) Locust Swarm Gains the effect of pestilence rune and deals increased damage
Wrists: Nemesis Bracers (Ancient) – Shrines and pylons will spawn an enemy champion
Neck: Talisman of Aranoch (Ancient) – Prevent all cold damage taken and heal yourself for the prevented amount


Cube Slot 1: Wormwood – Locust Swarm continuously plagues enemies around you.
Cube Slot 2: Quetzalcoatl – Locust Swarm and Haunt now deal their damage in half of the normal duration.
Cube Slot 3: Ring of Emptiness – Deal increased damage to enemies affected by haunt or locust swarm.

Gem 1: Bane of the Stricken – Each attack increases the damage they take/ Increase damage against bosses and rift Guardians
Gem 2: Bane of the Trapped – Increase damage against enemies under the effect of control-imparting/Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%
Gem 3: Legacy of Dreams – While no set bonuses are equipped every legendary item you have equipped increases your damage dealt and reduces your damage taken by 2%/ This bonus is doubled for Ancient items

Skill 1: Horrify – Face of Death (Increases the radius of Horrify)
Skill 2: Locust Swarm – Searing Locusts (Engulf the enemy with burning locust)
Skill 3: Sacrifice – Next of Kin (Each Zombie Dog you sacrifice has a chance to resurrect as a new zombie dog)
Skill 4: Spirit Walk – Severance (Greatly increase your movement speed while in the spirit realm)
Skill 5: Summon Zombie Dogs – Burning Dogs (Your zombie dogs burn nearby enemies)
Skill 6: Gargantuan – Restless Giant (When Gargantuan encounters an elite enemy or is surrounded it enrages with bonus to movement and attack)

Passive 1: Creeping Death (Haunt and locust Swarm and damage amplification from piranhas last almost forever)
Passive 2: Confidence Ritual (You deal 25% additional damage to enemies within 20 yards)
Passive 3: Pierce the Veil (All damage is increased by 20%, but Mana costs are increased by 30%)
Passive 4: Circle of Life (When an enemy dies within 20 yards, there is a 15% chance that a Zombie Dog will automatically emerge)

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