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With D2R announce, I’m starting to mental map out what I want to do. What do you plan on doing?

diablo5 - With D2R announce, I'm starting to mental map out what I want to do. What do you plan on doing?

Before reading as I realize a lot of people won't read my essay haha, tell me your plans.

So starting off, under the assumption of less/little to none/no bots during the initial release means that the eco system will be pretty intense. We're not all gonna get the BiS gear that a lot of us are used to having as we progress through the levels. With that in mind, it got me to thinking, what do I want to do right away, what items do I want to start searching for early.

So I think my beginning plan will be, the tried and true Sorceress, she was always my favorite and I'm just a mage type of person in all RPGs anyway. Blizz Sorc's are the arguable 2nd strongest behind Light Sorcs, but without Infinity and Grifs, a lot of people won't have real access to her power for awhile, and a Blizz Sorc is basically F'd in the a vs all the Cold Immunes in Hell, specially with a Merc not BiS either. So I think I'mma go FO/Fireball or FO/Light (haven't decided) as I've always been a fan of Frozen Orb from back in the pre 1.10 synergy patches. God FO/Nova cow runs used to be a blast. Fo offers me personally the most fun experience early/mid and somewhat late game, as you only need to sink 20 into FO, 10-17 into Cold Mastery (depending on +skills). The synergy on Ice Blast is useful but not needed as it's only a 2% boost, while you can use those 19 points on other skills in the fire or light trees.

Assuming getting to lv 80 gives 92 points/90 gives 102

1pt Ice bolt/ Ice Blast/Glacial Spike/Blizzard = 4 Pts

20 pts Frozen Orb = 20 pts (+4 =24)

15 pts Cold Mastery = 15 pts (15+24 = 39) (could also be more or less depending on items at the time)

Given I now have 53-63 points left to put in other skills. I generally throw 1 into Frozen and Shiver Armors, Warmth, Telekinesis, Static Field, and Teleport. So 6 more points gone, 47-57 left. At this point I need to decide whether I want Fire or Light as a secondary.


I feel like there are less things with double immunity in Cold/Light then Cold/Fire so I usually go Light even though I know Fire is the better secondary (I also like having Energy Shield). If I go Light I have to decide if I want to Level out Lightning, Chain Lightning or maybe even Nova (while fun I don't think it's that good anymore lol). More then likely Lightning is the correct choice because it has the higher damage output. So 1 into Charged Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Energy Shield, so 44-54 left.

20 into Lightning and Lightning Mastery which leaves 4-14 left. I could go 1 into Nova and Thunderstorm leaving 2-12 left or drop all 4-14 into Chain Lightning for the Lightning Synergy. Obviously this entire section is dependent on items I find on the way there or/and how the economy turns out.

For Items, in my experience Shaco isn't that hard to find, not easy, but for a Sorc MFing, you'll find one sooner or later and these should start to pour into the economy.

Anywho, these are the medium (not BiS but still serviceable items I'm gonna be on the hunt for)

Helm: Shaco/Tal Mask (if I have the rest of Tal and no Shaco)

Plate: Vipermage/Tal Rasha

Ammy: Tal Rasha/Rare Ammy/Magic Ammy

Weap: Occy/Tal Orb

Shield: Spirit Monarch

Gloves: Mage Fist

Boots: War Travs/Aldurs/Rare/Magic

Belt: Tal Rasha

Rings: Best ones I find to fill the FCR/Res BPs

Obviously other SSF stuff that works before I find these things will be used, and I can upgrade obviously as I go.

Idk I 'm just hyped and this is what my mind as been on all day :P.

I also plan to just run the story with a couple or more friends and then Baal run to least 80, with MF trips in NM and maybe even some Normal Diablo/Baal (Ik Norm Diablo drops Vipermage)

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