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With the PTR probably just around the corner: Here are 14 new DH set ideas for S21!

diablo4 - With the PTR probably just around the corner: Here are 14 new DH set ideas for S21!

Hi everyone,

PTR should be coming within the next few weeks and with that I decided to present my own ideas of what the new DH set could be. Over the past few months I've been collecting ideas and refining them based on what I believe could be cool and fun. I'm really excited that we're finally getting some love and it's probably going to be great either way! (Well, everything is better than Rapid Fire)

I'd really enjoy to hear what everyone is thinking about these, or if you have your own ideas. I've already heard a lot of cool stuff from other people, too, but I'm sure there is more out there!

Since I get this question quite a lot: My prediction for what it's going to be is either Strafe or Elemental Arrow (no Ball Lightning). My personal favorite would be Spike Traps.

Don't look at the numbers too closely, they are just placeholder values and I left supporting legendaries out in most cases, so some of the damage values / effects could be baked into other items to spread out the bonuses a bit. For me it was mainly important to convey the main gameplay concept through the sets but ultimately it doesn't matter where the numbers come from. I tried to keep most of them within the design / balancing space that we have in D3 currently instead of going completely crazy with unrealistic ideas.

If you like to hear more about the individual sets, I released a video explaining my thoughts a bit more for all of them: https://youtu.be/f6W4Xz5xPM0

I also discussed 8 more set ideas back before Season 20, you can find them here! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RFhW1DWuDUSyfls7QLbCY4SC0MSCxwZ2LbViigHFuC0/

I'm excited to hear what you think!

#1 Elemental Arrow set:

(2) When you use a resource-spending attack, gain 200% attack speed for 2 seconds and your equipped Elemental Arrow cycles to another rune in the following order: Frost Arrow, Immolation Arrow, Lightning Bolts, Nether Tentacles.

(4) Every time you hit an enemy with another type of Elemental Arrow, take 15% reduced damage and increase your elemental damage done by 100% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times.

(6) Damage done by Elemental Arrow is increased by 50000%.

(Kridershot makes EA a generator, 4pc elemental bonus to equalize the damage done by each rune and not benefit one much from bracers/amulet rolls)

#2 Spike Trap set v2:

(2) Your Spike Traps can detonate up to 20 times. Each explosion increases your damage reduction by 5% for 20 seconds, stacking up to 10 times.

(4) Cluster Arrow recharges one Spike Trap and its impact pulls in all enemies in a 30 yards radius.

(6) Increases Damage done by Spike Traps by 80000%.

(Big explosions and some support DH love at the same time)

#3 Spike Trap set v3:

(2) Spike Traps recharge 300% faster and reduce your damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds when they hit an enemy.

(4) When triggered, your Spike Traps will start a chain reaction, detonating them again up to 20 times once every second.

(6) Placing a new Spike Traps during an ongoing chain reaction will automatically trigger it and increase its damage by 200% for every remaining detonation left in your active Spike Trap chain.

(Nuke on command with sustained, slowly declining dps)

#4 Strafe + FoK set:

(2) While channeling Strafe, you take 50% reduced damage.

(4) While channeling Strafe, release a Fan of Knives once every second. Enemies hit by Fan of Knives take 50% more damage from Strafe and Fan of Knives, stacking up to 20 times.

(6) Increases damage done by your Strafe and Fan of Knives by 40000%.

(Sustained trash clear with big boom on command using Lord Greenstone)

#5 Strafe set v2:

(2) After hitting an enemy with Strafe, gain 50% increased movement speed and damage reduction for 6 seconds.

(4) Strafe's attack speed is increased by an amount equal to your movement speed.

(6) Every second and whenever you kill an enemy, gain 10000% increased damage for Strafe, stacking up to 30 times. While channeling, you lose one stack every second.

(Super fast pewpew farming set with pushing potential, make pulls and mow it all down in seconds)

#6 Hungering Arrow set v2:

(2) Hungering Arrow gains the effect of every rune. While you have no skill on cooldown, its damage is increased by 200% of your critical hit chance.

(4) Vault costs no resource. After vaulting or backflipping, increase your movement speed and reduce damage taken by 60% for 4 seconds.

(6) Hungering Arrow pierces at least 20 times and deals 10000% increased damage but its attack rate is reduced by 60%.


(Basic agile archer against the world. Long aim and release for big burst)

#7 Bolas Set v2:

(2) Every time Bolas explode, they will jump to a new enemy, up to 3 times. When there is no target to jump to, their damage is increased by 400%.

(4) Instead of generating resource, Bolas consume all remaining Hatred to increase your damage done by up to 100% and reduce damage taken by up to 50% for 10 seconds.

(6) Bolas trigger their explosion three times in sequence, and an additional time whenever you hit them with a different generator. Bolas damage is increased by 40000%.

(Apply Bolas and retrigger them with other skills, repeat for big explosions)

#8 Caltrops set:

(2) Caltrops gain the Jagged Spikes rune and have their weapon damage increased to 4000% over 6 seconds.

(4) Enemies slowed by Caltrops deal 50% less damage and for every second inside their area of effect, they take 40% increased damage from Caltrops. This effect stacks up to 10 times.

(6) After detonating a Spike Trap, increase your damage dealt with Caltrops by 20000%. This bonus is doubled against immobilized, frozen or stunned targets.

(Create a death zone around you and kite them in)

#9 Entangling Shot Thorns set:

(2) Entangling Shot gains the Chain Gang and Heavy Burden runes. You take 50% reduced damage from enemies slowed by Entangling Shot.

(4) Hitting an enemy with Fan of Knives increases their thorns damage taken by 100% for 3 seconds.

(6) Every time you hit an enemy with Entangling Shot, deal damage equal 50000% of your thorns to it and half of that to every other enemy chained to it. Consecutive hits on the same target deal double damage.

(Snipe the right target with ES while moving in and out of the pull)

#10 Entangling Shot set v2:

(2) You take 50% less damage from slowed enemies.

(4) Your Entangling Shot gains one of three effects: Pierce, Chain, Burst. The effect changes whenever you spend primary resource.

(6) While Smoke Screen and Shadow Power are active, gain all three effects at once. Increases damage of Entangling Shot by 500,000%.

(Change ES to what you need it to be with 1-2 casts, and enjoy the big burst sometimes when you have high discipline. Pierce = go through all enemies, Chain = jump to next enemy a few times, Burst = AoE)

#11 Chakram set v2:

(2) Chakram gains the effect of the Twin Chakrams rune.

(4) Hitting an enemy with a resource spender increases the attack speed for your next 5 uses of Chakram by 200%.

(6) Increases Chakram damage by 100000%.

(Basic attack set focused around the right positioning)

#12 Vengeance set v3:

(2) While dual-wielding, increase the effects of Vengeance by 50% and its duration by 200%.

(4) Every 25 points of Hatred spent while Vengeance is active increases your attack and movement speed by 1% for its remaining duration and 60 seconds afterwards. This effect stacks.

(6) Triples the amount of rockets fired from your skills, increases their damage by 20000% and allows them to home in on the same target.

2h weapon for Cube: Rockets now pierce two targets and have their damage increased by 400%.

(Dual-wielding for extra style. Archon-inspired cyclical gameplay and elite hunter)

#13 Marked for Death set:

(2) Marked for Death gains the Valley of Death rune. Its radius, effects and duration are doubled.

(4) While inside the area of your Valley of Death, you take 60% less damage and deal 400% increased damage.

(6) When you detonate a Spike Trap, pull all nearby enemies towards the center of your Valley of Death and release a Shadow Pulse dealing 5,000,000% weapon damage. Enemies that die inside the area release a smaller pulse, dealing 500,000% weapon damage.

(Lure them in and destroy them. And again some support DH love)

#14 Disciple of Hatred set:

(2) Maximum Hatred is increased by 250, maximum Discipline is increased by 50. Every point of Discipline spent generates 10 Hatred.

(4) After spending a total of 200 Hatred, your Discipline regeneration is increased by 5 and all resource costs and damage done are increased by 100% for 6 seconds. This effect stacks.

(6) Whenever you spend Hatred, release a fire nova at your target's location dealing 200000% weapon damage. Whenever you spend Discipline, release a lightning burst to enemies around you, dealing 400000% weapon damage.

(Fast cycle between filling/spending Hatred & Discipline that escalates and resets periodically. You choose which skills to use to dump resource to make the cycles longer or shorter)

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