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TL;DR What are some of the best survivability tools available to a ranged Wizard?

As a relatively inexperienced D3 player, having recently got it on Switch and being only Paragon 300 with only one Wizard character, I could use some help, especially regarding damage reduction. By far my favourite style so far is a ranged build centred on Disintegrate and Tal Rasha, but I die ridiculously easily from T12 onward. My cube has Deathwish, Hergbrash's Binding and Ring of Royal Grandeur. This allows my 5 pieces of Tal Rasha gear to grant the full bonus, and 3 pieces of Firebird to grant me up to the (4) bonus. My weapon is Aether Walker with Etched Sigil. To maintain the full Tal Rasha buff, I use Teleport: Calamity, Blizzard: Frozen Solid, Arcane Torrent: Static Discharge and Disintegrate: Convergence. I have been using Black Hole: Blazar and Twister: Gale Force as second and third fire spells to capitalise on the Firebird (4) Ignite power. Etched Sigil is amazing here, because I can spend most of my time firing Disintegrate while other spenders get cast automatically for free, stacking Elemental Exposure charges on enemies, freezing them in Blizzards and doing tons of damage. Further DPS buffs come from my Level 40 gems Taeguk, Bane of the Powerful and Bane of the Stricken. Alas, despite the following defence boosts, I still die from pretty much anything after T12: Firebird's revival meteor, Unstable Anomaly, Galvanizing Ward, Dominance, Ashnagarr's Bracers and a Unity ring linked to immortal Templar. I can manage to survive if I use Halo of Karini, but then I have to replace a fire spell with Storm Armour, which means I can't ignite enemies with Firebird (4) anymore. I realise that Wizards are meant to be glass cannons, but is there anything I can do to improve my survivability a bit? I really enjoy playing this build, but I'm stuck at GR62 as it stands.


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