Diablo 3

Wizard progression past GR100, need some suggestions. Maybe build change.

diablo3 - Wizard progression past GR100, need some suggestions. Maybe build change.

First off, been coming here the past week or 2 and have gotten a ton of great help.

Playing non-seasonal Wizard.

I am at work and D3planner is blocked and on PS4 so I can just import but I am using a by the book(almost) Tal Meteor Shower right now.

I can solo GR100 (probably a couple higher than that but have not tried) in about 10 minutes with no death, and just 2 or 3 times I even see my health bar move at all. I can still die, but it is just by a stupid mistake(like standing in exploding elite corpse).

Gear- My rolls are all pretty good, and based on the build specification on which piece should have what with a few minor

Weapon- Deathwish (ancient)- near perfect damage range rolls (like 20 less than perfect), and also importantly 323%(325 is max) to increased damage while channeling. Socket, vit, damage 6%(only poor roll). Now I don't have attack speed because unless I understand it wrong all my damage is off the etched sigil proc, which procs once per second, so as long as I can attack faster than once per second I will get no benefit from attack speed, I could be wrong, and if AS effect Etched Sigil proc rate will dump the vit.

Source- Etched Sigil (ancient) – very good damage roll, 9% crit, 13% meteor damage, Int, vit, 14+ Arcane power.

Chest- Tal (non ancient)

Legs- Tal (non ancient)

Hands- Tal (ancient)

Belt- Tal (ancient)

Helm- Tal (ancient)

Boots- Nilfur Boost (ancient) (Meteor boost to single target 867), also have meteor attack 14% rolled on.

Bracer- The one that buffs shields (non ancient) shield buff roll is 100%


Jewelry- This is where it gets interesting and would like some opinions. I am running Travelers 2 piece with a ring of royal grandeur (wishing I had played seasonal if I had known what it was before I started…). I was running Tal ammy, and convection of elements until yesterday… when I got a primal Travelers ammy… 100% crit, 1000 int, 10% crit chance, socket…

I have tested it by running rifts with convection of elements and travelers and on grift 100 I average about a minute fast with Travellers and feel more tanky (nearly invincible) with convection of elements I trigger unstable anomaly once or twice in a run. Now I did find a 2nd unity(finally) so if I went back to convention of elements my defense would be better. So it might just be about equal build wise, but since I have a primal travelers ammy and a solid rolled ancient tals (only 58% crit hurts it, and 858 int is mediocre too) that the real reason I am strong is simply because it is better gear and going with travelers over convention of elements normally would not work.

Cube- Grand Vizier, Aquilla Curisses, Halo of Karini

Leg Gems- Taeguk(92), Powerful (90), Trapped (95)

Ok, so how do I progress Paragon farming? I am 870 now. Augmentation? Or will I need a new build?

I have a primal Legacy of Nightmares ring and an ancient with perfect rolls for a set. But am still missing good ancients for some armor slots, particularly the bracers.

Is a LoN set with the right gear better than a tals with the right gear long term?

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