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WoL monk: Sunwuko vs LoD comparison (s22 and non-season)

diablo20 - WoL monk: Sunwuko vs LoD comparison (s22 and non-season)

I did a comparison to help me pick a build. Let me know if you disagree with any of my choices.

Sunwuko https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/672463121
LoD https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/572104619

First item-by-item assuming perfect rolls, Sunwuko vs LoD, then we'll aggregate:

  • Abilities: see links but the only difference is Sweeping Wind – Inner Storm vs Cyclone Strike – Implosion

    • Inner Storm gets us 8 spirit per sec besides interactions with other effects
    • Cyclone Strike gathers enemies, though also forces us to cast it for Bindings & Lefebvre effects even when we don't need to gather dudes
  • Head: Tzo Krin's Gaze on both

  • Shoulder: Lefebvre vs Sunwuko

    • 38625 globe healing vs 0.5x dmg mitigation
  • Chest: Sunwuko & cubed Cinder vs Cinder

    • 11% elite dmg reduction & 7% missile dmg reduction vs 20% fire dmg
  • Gloves: Sunwuko vs Magefist

    • 2 pickup radius vs 20% fire dmg
  • Pants: Sunwuko vs Swamp

    • 2 pickup radius vs 20% fire dmg
  • Boots: Crimson vs Crudest

    • 38625 globe healing vs +4 spirit per sec & +100 spirit per Ally cast
  • Belt: Crimson vs Witching Hour

    • 15% life & 516 armor vs 7% ias & 50% crit dmg
  • Bracer: Pinto vs Pinto & cubed Bindings

    • N/A vs 2x dmg
  • Amulet: Sunwuko vs FoT

    • 210 physical resist vs 8% CDR & 2x pylon duration
  • Rings: CoE & Unity & cubed RoRG vs CoE & Unity & cubed Zodiac

    • N/A vs Zodiac's CDR
  • Weapons: Kyoshiro & Vengeful Wind & cubed Torch & cubed Rabid Strike vs Kyoshiro & Rabid Strike & cubed Torch & cubed Flying Dragon

    • 1.05x dmg (10% on one weapon) vs 35% crit dmg & Flying Dragon ias (2x when active)
  • Legendary gems: Stricken and Trapped for both, Zei vs LoD

    • Zei: at >40 yds (it's rounded up to 50 apparently), +60% dmg at rank 100 / +80% at 150. +36% / +48% at 20-30 yds, etc. 20% chance to stun 1 sec.
    • LoD: 98.5x dmg, 0.48x mitigation
  • Sunwuko and Crimson set bonuses: 0.5x mitigation, taunting decoys, 196x dmg, 6000 lps, 20% CDR, 20% RCR, 1.6545x dmg (from CDR), 0.662x mitigation (from RCR)


First let's put the differences into a few items.


  • 1.73x dmg plus Zei
  • 11% elite dmg reduction, 7% missile dmg reduction, 516 armor, 210 physical resist, 15% life
  • 13% CDR (since 20% = 8% + 13%), 20% RCR, 4 spirit / sec, 6000 lps, 4 pickup radius, 77250 globe healing
  • Zei stun, taunting decoys


  • 0.73x dmg mitigation (i.e. for every 100 dmg Sunwuko takes, LoD takes 73)
  • 60% fire dmg, 85% crit dmg, 7% ias, Flying Dragon ias
  • 100 spirit per Ally cast (11.9 sec CD), Zodiac CDR
  • 2x pylon duration, Cyclone Strike

Some of these can easily be aggregated further; for example, the +60% fire dmg is worth a factor 2/1.4. We'll consider Zei at both +40% and +80%. Flying Dragon apparently has 5-10 sec duration and "around 4%" chance; I simulated this and found that it's effectively an attack speed multiplier of ~1.525. I assume elite dmg reduction is 2/3 as good as all dmg reduction, and melee and missile are equally important.

  • DPS: Sunwuko 1.01x with half Zei, 1.30x with full Zei
    • Dmg: Sunwuko 1.64x with half Zei, 2.11x with full Zei
    • APS: LoD 1.61x
    • Generous assumptions for LoD: assume constantly attacking => more effective Flying Dragon (move while buff active => less effective); assume all enemies hit by Rabid clone have been Cyclone Struck in the last 5 sec (for the bracer buff); these things matter less the longer fights are
    • Doesn't account for LoD losing WoL's due to having to use Cyclone Strike
  • Toughness: LoD 1.04x
    • Mitigation: LoD 0.87x (contributes 1.15x to toughness)
    • Hp: Sunwuko 1.11x
  • CDR: LoD Zodiac vs Sunwuko 13%
  • Resources:
    • Sunwuko: 4 spirit / sec and 20% RCR
    • LoD: requires ~61% more but gets 10 spirit per Ally cast (CD 11.9 sec but reduced by Zodiac)
  • Misc:
    • Sunwuko: Zei stun, taunting decoys, 6000 lps, 4 pickup radius, 77250 globe healing
    • LoD: 2x pylon duration, Cyclone Strike grouping up effect

Non-season: Sunwuko loses 2x dmg from Rabid; LoD loses 1.525x APS (but is correspondingly less resource-intense). The DPS comparison becomes 0.77x with half Zei and 0.99x with full Zei.

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