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Would you play a Diablo III Classic Server 2.0?

diablo16 - Would you play a Diablo III Classic Server 2.0?

With this features:

– 7 classes available, with Max level 100 (without paragon). Exp penalty like Diablo 2, last levels would be "hard to get".

– Auction House (only with gold)

– Balanced drop system (like PS3 classic version), Not "intelligent drop" with 80% chance of the items will be for your class, 50%/50% better (with AH we need to use it!)

– Bounties, Rifts and Greater Rifts available in campaign mode when you defeat Diablo in Inferno.

– Waypoint system like Diablo 2, feel you free!

– Greater rifts have maximum level 100. Every grift level increase the level of monsters by level grift. For example, Grift level 10 the monsters have level 110. Time counter would be removed to unlock the next level, but the monsters will gain a buff by time, so if you're 30 minutes in a grift, the monster will kill you probably xD. if you die or you return to the town, the greater rift closes. Time to cast town portal increased in 300%.

– Primal and Ancient items removed. Ethereal items appear! Ethereal items have better stats but his durability is low. Will be can repaired with Mystic, spending craft items (like Soul particles or something with "magic" lore). The item display will be like Diablo 2, pseudo-transparent

– Of course, Mystic added.

– Removed big powercreep in legendary items and sets. This items will have a special feature. With the kanai's cube, you can add new mods in a "unvisible" socket, choosing the new mod for the item: For example, if you want add extra damage to a X skill, you will can do it, only in legendaries and set items. Legendary items will have a "specific" power but not 5000% extra damage in X skill. Sets would have "decent" bonuses for the class in general.


– Arena mode implemented!. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 modes. Arena would have matchmaking like another PvP games.

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– NOT WOULD HAVE A PVP ITEMS, would have "arena enchants". You will apply this enchant to a item, and the item would gain a new mod (Temple for example), and depend of your arena rank, this enchant would be more strong or weak. This new mod (Temple) decrease the damage inflicted by other players, but also increase the block and evade chance vs another player. This doesn't work for PvM, so if a PvM item have this enchants, in PvM wouldn't work, but yes in PvP. Would have 2 arena enchant types: For armor and for weapons.

– For armor pieces: Temple = Less damage vs players and more chance to block/evade vs players.

– For weapons: Procs with -> Increase damage, Increase movement speed, Increase attack speed, Reduce Cooldowns in X seconds etc…..

– For offhand items (like Shield, Quivers) procs -> Shields: Increase armor, increase elemental resistances, increase block chance, reflect % damage to the player for X seconds etc….

– Critical chance capped to 50% in Arenas. Critical Damage capped to 100% in Arenas.


P.D: Sorry if there is grammar mistakes, not is my main language.


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