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WW Barb full build struggling in GR 75+

diablo19 - WW Barb full build struggling in GR 75+

Hi, I just got call my pieces of my WW Barb set going.

My build is here: https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/BIGGESTBABA-1204/hero/110597386

According to the Icy Veins guide, I'm missing some stats on my gear, though, I don't know how that guide rolls those certain extra stats since there aren't that many magical properties available? Is the author talking about augmenting ancients?

Anyway, I am having trouble getting past GR 75 safely. As you can see, I am in HardCore so getting to cocky when Nerves of Steel is not up can be the end for me. I just struggled heavily to my last rift run with my Nerves popping twice the instant my Aquilas stopped holding up. I then popped my Nerves against the Rift Guardian twice as well and just waited by the door each time to ensure my survival. Damage isn't an issue, but I was hoping that the Power Pylon I had right outside the door would suffice in helping me kill the guy.

The Rift I was in though was pretty garbage. It was an Act III like dungeon barracks one where there were a lot of tight corridors and I rolled Rhime as my Rift Guardian.


My question is, how can this build get tankier without losing damage? Before I finally got a perfectly rolled Zodiac, I was running Band of Might and had a MUCH easier time. I'm thinking of replacing my Convention of Elements with it honestly since my build only makes use of the Physical Damage portion of it and WW Barb to my knowledge isn't only ever trying to attack at the opportunity that Physical is up for Convention. I even have Primal Ancient Parthans! I'm thinking of socketing the last two FR Rubies for FR Diamonds.

I'm honestly wondering how well the author's build fares. According to Rhykker too though, he doesn't even run Aquilas and opts for Mr.Yan's instead which I can't even fathom since I'm already getting near death in GR 75s with Aquilas and Yan's does nothing for toughness.

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My follower is currently running no Relic (I've found 0 legendary relics for Templar vs 6 of the same kind for Enchantress and keep destroying rare ones by accident) but is running Oculus and Bul-Kathos and an Ouroboros. His shield and sword are just stat sticks compared to everything else I've picked up. Unfortunately, I threw away all the Eun-Jang Do's and the Lightning Zappity sword before I knew that those were good for him.

Anyway, what should I do? Are these guides just inaccurate? Am I just not playing WW Barb well?

TL;DR: I am a WW Barbarian with pretty much everything fully loaded other than them being Primals or Ancients. I am having trouble surviving in GR 75 even though I am running Aquilas Cuirass over Mr.Yan's. What should I change?

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