🎇 Bored in Game? Looking for something fun and new to do? Come check out FROOGR Inc.’s Shelter Adventures 🎇

fallout 3 - 🎇 Bored in Game? Looking for something fun and new to do? Come check out FROOGR Inc.'s Shelter Adventures 🎇

I see alot of posts about how people are feeling burnt out on the grind and bored with the endgame-

SO, that just means you are primed and ready for the FROOGR Inc.© experience.

Only FROOGR© provides Wastelanders with their daily allotment of essential spectacle and amazement.

FROOGR© was created with the intention of bringing high quality Shelters to the masses, and to destroy the stock value of our main competitor, Vault Tec (who plague Appalachia with inferior substandard products)

Catalog of available fine FROOGR© shelter adventure experiences:

4 HUGE UNIQUE MAZESeach with prizes for completion and optional sub quests:

  • "The Haunted Maze" consists of three daisy chained shelters for immersive experience, each shelter with different design and spooky aesthetics
  • "The Amazing Maze" Carnival Amusement Park Maze- Step Right Up! Fun for all Ages!
  • "Race the Clock!" Solo or Multi-player Coop timed race in a mad dash to beat the best time or just beat your friend- Get your name in lights on the leaderboard for all to see your fleet footed glory!~
  • "Dont Puke"– Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Or is the joke on your stomach? DONT PUKE! (Froogr inc not responsible for damage sustained to carpet or nearby loved ones favorite garments)

ESCAPE/PUZZLE ROOMS- challenge yourself and your friends to overcome the challenges, find the ways to progress and emerge victorious!

  • "The Junk Pile" – Explore orderly chaos with a lighthearted hunt amongst the junk of Fallout 76
  • "Mansion of Mayhem"6 different challenges strung throughout with optional hidden sub-quests for chances at additional loot
  • "The People Under the Stairs" – Strange noises have been heard from under the stairs, are you brave enough to find the secrets and escape?
  • "The Asylum" – You have been admitted into a mental asylum against your will. A psychological trip through the mouth of madness. ARE you Crazy? CAN you escape the Asylum? HAVE you taken your medication today?


  • "Trivia A Go-Go!!!"Put your FO76 knowledge to the test as the next contestant in everybody's favorite Wasteland TV Game show! Primetime on FNN! Froogr News Network – a subsidiary of FROOGR© Worldwide Consolidated Industries)
  • "Trivia or DIE!" LETHAL version of the popular Wasteland Game show – Choose your answers carefully as your life is on the line as you compete for an assortment of fine products and prizes *Unfortunately this shelter has been discontinued due to salt accumulation dislodging foundation of shelter

PHYSICAL /JUMPING CHALLENGES– take a rad-x, remove your jetpacks, and turn FO76 into a platformer! Great solo or with friends!

  • "Floor Is Lava!" – Don't touch the ground as you progress from your living room into the mouth of a LIVE VOLCANO!
  • "Bush Masta" – Go native and get swingin' in the jungle in this Deep in the Bush jumping maze puzzle room Bingo! Bango! Bongo! You'll be so happy in the jungle you'll refuse to go! (Opening Soon! – Currently Growing more Bushes)


  • "The Wasted World of Sports" (Launch Video coming soon! ) Grab a friend and turn on your Mic, and Get ready for a decathlon of Team Building Challenges and Puzzles with a sports based theme! Recently Endorsed and Approved by a group of 7 DRUNK GUYS*!* We like sports and we dont care who knows!

THEMED SHELTERS! – take a break from killing super mutants and relax at one of FROOGR©'s many fine attraction locations

  • "Undersea Pavilion Aquarium" – Bring your camera, hold your breath, and be enchanted by the atmosphere at the Wastelands premier aquatic menagerie
  • "Hawaiian Luau"– Grab your ukulele and put on your swimsuit, were have a pig roast down by the beach!
  • "Tribute to David Lynch's Twin Peaks"- The owls are not what they seem! Step through the curtains into the Black Lodge FIRE WALK WITH ME!
  • "The Fun House Strip Club**"** OVER 18 Only! Lets face it, life in the Wasteland is hard. So will you be when you visit Appalachia's Premier After-hours Establishment! No clothes allowed!

***And Finally, the crownpiece of the FROOGR Inc.***©Showcase:



Please see Youtube launch video with mini-walkthrough and highlights:

Seneca Rocks has been hiding a secret, Before the war a different kind of terror plagued the area…

Four conceptually powerful and fully realized linked shelters have you battle against Tickles the Clown!

Discover what happened, solve the puzzles, defeat the horror

SENECA ROCKS MYSTERY: THE TROUBLE WITH TICKLES– Encompasses compelling storytelling, puzzles, mental and physical challenges, BOSS FIGHTS, paranormal investigation, and never-before-seen building techniques! Built completely co-op… With rave reviews such as – "What even is this?" and "This is crazy."

You may now be asking yourself, "So, I'm a believer! Im ready to make the change from Vault Tec to FROOGR Inc© Shelters! But how can I take part in the FROOGR Inc© Experience and achieve better living through Froogistry ™ ?"

Its easy friend! If you are on PS4/PS5, Let loose your inhibitions, embrace your curiosity and sense of wonder, denounce Vault Tec, and message FritoZ or Coogr77

————————-⚙ FROOGR INC.⚙————————-

——————————-Innovations Today for a Brighter Tomorrow ® ————————-

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