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10 and a Half Tips for Fallout 76 Beginners

fallout 2 - 10 and a Half Tips for Fallout 76 Beginners

Here are some tips I came up with for new players. Bear in mind that some of these things may change a bit with Wastelanders, but are current as of posting. Feel free to add any tips of your own in the comments.

  1. Decide if you want to focus on a build right away or just roll with the punches.

Fallout 76 is much more dependent on your character build than previous Fallout titles. With that said, your needs in the early game are different than your needs in the late game. Players with experienced friends that will help them with supplies and resources may want to pick a build early (use a site like nukesdragons.com) and just work toward it. Solo players, or those with all inexperienced friends may be better served taking perks to help you as needed and adjusting for a specific build after level 50.

2. This isn’t Fallout 4. You don’t need all that junk.

Managing weight in your stash can quickly become a chore for you and the friends who are forever waiting on you. Aside from ammo crafting materials (which you should be using regularly), you really don’t need to keep more than 100 of anything. Seriously. You don’t need it.

You also don’t need to keep lots of extra weapons/armor. You’ll level past most of it quickly enough. If it’s not some special legendary item, scrap it to learn mods or sell it to a vendor.

3. Stash your crap.

When you die you drop your junk. Sometimes that’s a big deal, sometimes it’s not. By getting into the habit of scrapping and stashing your junk & items early and often, you’ll have a better time. Your friends will appreciate not having to slow down while you’re constantly overencumbered and you’ll be happy you didn’t just lose a day’s worth of looting down a fissure hole.

4. Workshops are PvP zones. You will probably be murdered if you take one.

There’s a warning and everything. If it’s going to hurt your feelings to be murdered, don’t volunteer for it. Workshops can provide useful resources, XP and building plans. It’s not a big deal to get killed at one, provided you’re not carrying a bunch of junk with you (which you already know you shouldn’t be doing, see #3), but some people get quite emotional about it.

It’s perfectly fine to take them. It’s largely inconsequential to be killed at one. Just know what you’re signing up for so you don’t have a bad time.

(The inclusion of this tip isn't to make a moral case for or against workshop PvP, simply to inform players that it's a thing they should be aware of.)

5. Turn pacifist mode on after level 5.

Most 76 players aren’t very interested in PvP, but those that are won’t hesitate to slaughter you, your friends and lay waste to your CAMP if they get the chance in the open world. Pacifist mode is under game settings and it prevents you from accidentally damaging other players, which would initiate PvP. You’ll still be vulnerable at workshops, but it’ll keep you safe throughout the rest of the map.


6. That scary level 400 dude that’s following you, shooting the ground and jumping around probably just wants to give you presents.

While many online games suffer from rampant griefing, 76 features an abundance of players with Santa Claus complexes. High level players like giving new players gifts, especially when we know there’s lots of actual new players in game. They’ll usually just be some aid items, low level ammo or weapons etc. You don’t have to take them, but you’ll probably be grateful if you do. The early game can be rough for a new wastelander.

7. Don’t rush it.

Contrary to popular belief, Appalachia has been packed with interesting stories and lore from the very beginning. None of that is going away. While it might be tempting to just rush through things to quickly level up and hit objectives, you’re missing out if you do.

8. 9 out of 10 bugs can be resolved by server hopping.

While we all hope that Wastelanders brings more stability and bug fixes, let’s not kid ourselves. Bugs will still exist. Anything from the appearance of duplicate items in your inventory, to missing quest markers to any number of other things will be resolved by simply changing servers. Just quit to the main menu, then join a new Adventure world.

Is it irritating when these things happen? Sure. Is it really that big of a deal? No. So before you run to Reddit to vent your frustration or look for a fix, server hop. This is the “Unplug it and plug it back in” solution for Fallout 76.

9. Don’t be afraid to talk.

I know, Wastelanders is going to draw in a lot of folks who have every intention of playing totally solo and never talking to anyone. That’s fine, but it’s still a multiplayer game. There are events in the world that really do require communication and/or coordination to do well.

The vast majority of 76 players are friendly, polite and want to help. In a year and a half I’ve only encountered a few truly rotten apples. If you’re stuck at a quest because the area is tough, ask for help—you’ll probably get it. Really wish you had a suppressor on your rifle? Ask a high level at their CAMP. They’ll probably put one on for you.

10. Shut the f**king door.

When you visit CAMPs, have the common decency to close doors when you leave. It’s a thing. Just do it.

10.5. Don’t build floating CAMPs.

Just don’t. They bring shame upon your ancestors and have a tendency to get nukes dropped on them.

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    roberto bonucci
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    Great tips for begginners, will save a lot of time to the guys

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    alberto pescara
    Aug 11, 2020 8:11 am

    Perhaps the best way to get XP quick early on is to kill beasts like Mutts and Mole Rats for meat. Cooking a bulk of food using meat and wood is the quickest way to get early XP. But its not the only way. You have to take advantage of taking everything you can until you reach level 5, which means you cant be killed. Use this to your favor.

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