. 10 tips for newbies

fallout 5 - . 10 tips for newbies
  1. Enjoy the game. Explore. Follow the overseers quest line. It’s not a race…..super important. Grinding sucks and isn’t fun for the most part and getting to level 50 and realising youve raced there and have a build that needs totally re specing can take until the low 100’s to get right. Decide what u wanna be. Melee. Sniper. Commando. Kick the door in shouting daddy’s home power armour wearing lunatic with a mini gun spraying death and generally making a lot of noise….the choices are many….and work towards that. Lots of websites will help you with that from fallout builds to nukes and dragons. Google it, ask. Community is strong here and many many players are eager to help

  2. Scrap everything and often. This reduces you dying and dropping your swag and losing it either to a player swipe or the mobs that killed u guarding your bag. Sad times

  3. Scrap weapons. Most mobs will drop a weapon when killed. Sell some. Scrap most. You learn mods for that weapon and combat rifles also double up as fixer mods later….if at level 30-50 u need a mod u don’t have. Ask. Plenty of players will happily mod a weapon for you for a Few caps or quite often free! Nice bunch here…dunno if I’ve mentioned that.

  4. At level 20 ask a higher level player nicely to make u a fixer. Is better than pretty much anything you’ll find laying around for a commando or sniper

  5. Sneak. A lot. Agility is your friend and the damage increase perks are far to big to ignore

  6. Don’t run away waving your arms like a terrified squirrel when a level 200+ comes over to you. He can’t hurt you unless you shoot him. and is 9/10 going to drop you some stims or food/drink or if your really lucky a low level legendary he found

  7. You’ll hear that bloodied and low health builds are the best. And they are. Just don’t try it at level 20 or 30. Or before 50 really and u have a decent armour set and perks to support it. Or you’ll die a lot

  8. Certain perks like lock pick. Hacker. Scrapper. And later on super duper and base building and armour building perks are all essential. But don’t have them equipped unless you’re using them. Perk points are far better used in general for damage and defence perks .

  9. I know stim packs are great and all but think about how many you need. Lugging 50 around costs you 50 lb in weight. And you won’t need 50. 5-10 is plenty. If your using more than that in the area you’re in then you’re in too high an area. Same goes for any enhancing drug, plasma cores and fusion cores…….also on a side note…..missiles and mini nukes weigh a lot. Unless your using them….unlikely Bin them or sell to a vendor. You’re highly unlikely to sell them in your vendor even for 5 caps each…..bandolier perk is also your friend

  10. Get the excavator armour at level 25. You’ll find the quest. And again, ask nicely on here if someone would kindly stick calibrated mods on the legs…..nice community blah blah blah….This will give you 400….I think….carry weight. And u don’t have to wear it all the time! Stick the pieces on a frame. Pick up the entire Frame and it weights 10lb. The weight of the pieces magically vanished. Whip it out when u wanna fast travel and are over weight to vendor Your goodies or stick them in your stash.

Hope this helps in some small Part

If any higher level players and fellow wasteland dwellers wanna chip in with 11 onwards as I’m sure there’s loads I’ve missed or don’t even know. Have at it!

Seeya in the wastes

XB1. GT Chipper7773

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