10 tips for those starting out. No spoilers?

fallout 8 - 10 tips for those starting out. No spoilers?

I haven't seen too many posts with tips for people to make the most of their start. After playing the stress test, and the Beta, here's what I've learned.

  1. Kill everything. This is a great way to earn xp, but also find weapons, armor, meds, food, ammo, and junk. Even the random responder bots can be killed and looted.

  2. Loot everything. As with every fallout game, literally everything is useful.

  3. Scrap all your junk often. Every time you come across a craft table, scrap your junk. It reduces everything to a base material weight. Which makes it lighter.

  4. The Tinkerer workbench has a feature called "Bulk". I'm still testing this feature, but from what I can tell, it creates bundles of a base mat, and greatly reduces its weight. IIRC, a bulk bundle is 30 base mats, and a bundle of steel had a weight of 1? I believe. These bundles can then be stored in your stash box.

  5. Weapon and armor mods are learned by scraping unused weapons and armor. So again, loot everything, even if youre not going to use it for anything other than scrap.

  6. Don't worry too much about the condition of your weapons and armor at the beginning. While adventuring, you'll come across weapons better than the one your currently using, so wasting mats on a weapon you'll scrap a couple of levels later doesn't make sense.

  7. Explore one area entirely before moving on. I made it to level 6 in the beta, and I hardly left the starter zone. The starter zone is a great place to learn crafting plans, recipes, gain xp, and get a general sense of the game features and functions. Pick an area, unlock and explore everything within a radius, do the quests, and then move on. Take your time, this map is dense!

  8. Move your camp when adventuring to a new zone. Nothing worse than dying 5 minutes into a new zone, and the closest respawn is a 15 minute sprint. This is the closest thing to a quick save.

  9. When you die, and you will. Don't forget to travel back to your last death spot and pick up your precious loot.

  10. The perk system. Regardless of the type of build you plan on doing, I. E. Sniper, medic, melee, etc etc. I would recommend spending your first few points into perception, agility, luck, and intelligence. Agility for the AP refresh, intelligence for hacker, perception for locksmith, and luck for better loot. Since you'll want to gather as many weapons, armor, junk, meds, etc, as you can, investing in these skill lines will help at the beginning, as there's plenty of locked things with something you probably don't need, but should take anyway cuz… Well fallout.

Two notes about the perk system.

You can rank up perk cards with duplicates. If you have two of the same cards, you can combine them into a rank 2 perk card.

Take scrounger, action boy/girl, and any lockpicking or hacking perks you get first. These are a necessity at the beginning.

I apologize if there are errors in this post, I typed it on my phone.

Edit: tip 10 to include perception, as I was typing from memory and made a mistake.


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