100 HOUR REVIEW – Level 116

fallout 2 - 100 HOUR REVIEW - Level 116

Hey guys and girls of the Fallout Community,

I'm going to start by saying that I really suck with phrasing my feelings into words. So if this comes off sloppy, and not really well thought out, I apologize. Again, I'm just bad with this whole review thing.

I played F76 for 96 hours, and I'm level 116. I feel I can state my opinion, and hopefully not receive much backlash because of it.

I found myself thinking I have been having fun playing F76, but honestly I won't touch this game ever again. Iv'e been through these types of games, where you may have to wait months and sometimes years to experience the intended content. Why should I not expect a $60 title, to deliver on the promise of a well prepared game. This game is dull, and boring. End game is nonexistent, and honestly this game is void of anything outside of "T" shaped ghouls and exploits/bugs. Sure I had fun playing WITH friends, but the moment I played solo, I found myself pressing "M", hitting "Z" and closing to desktop.

Speaking of hitting keys. Why does this game feel like PC players got shafted? Why is it a struggle to navigate menus and controls and pretty much anything else, outside of point and click. This port was garbage, and anyone who says otherwise is likely only on their 1st hour of gameplay.

You can't say Fallout76 without hackers. This game is pouring with hackers, cheaters, and exploiters. Worst of all, these hackers have FULL access to your account, just as much as you do. Do you think the devs have safety measures to help you protect your account? You are wrong. I have not only had contact with Bethesda support, but I have proof that they have no way of recovering your account if you are hacked. This is just sad. We live in 2018. 2FA is a must in an online game, and not only do they not have that, but they allow others to know your account the moment they see you once ingame. What kind of game does this crap? Fallout76.

Moving on.


PvP is a joke and I'm not going to talk about this much. Just grab yourself a 2H weapon, and you are already a better PvP'r than anyone using a gun. Throw in a few mutations and a 15 strength build, and you have yourself a GOD character that literally 1 shots level 60 mobs. Slight spoiler for this one part. Stop reading this section if you give a shit The final boss fight took me and 3 others, yes only 4 of us took the final boss. The moment she landed ONCE, she died. We used 2H sledges and we laughed as she tickled us, and we absolutely destroyed her. The fight is 25 minutes, and we killed her within the first 5. Here is the kicker. It was only 4 of us BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE WAS ON OUR SERVER. How is this possible you might ask? I really don't know, ask Bethesda.

I get that this game is not a traditional fallout game, and this is why I found myself playing it for so long. I was giving it a really long time to impress me, but the only thing it did was help me decide to finally uninstall it. Check my reddit history and you can see that I supported this game, and defended it for a few weeks now. I did so, hoping Bethesda would fix the basic things to make this game slightly enjoyable. I drew the line when I realized that at any moment I could be hacked, and lose all my progress. That is just unacceptable. I tried so hard to like this game. I really did. If you don't believe anything I say in this, please let me know and I'll do my best to prove any point.

Anyway. Sorry for my crap writing. If you read all the way through this, good on you. I'm not a popular reviewer or some fanboy, I just play video games a whole crap ton, and this is my genuine thoughts on this game. If you don't agree, please help me understand why, as I am genuinely interested in hearing it. But as of this point, I'm done waiting for this game to become great. I hope that one day it does, and you guys that do enjoy the game can be glad you stuck around, but I'm not waiting a year for something to become great. Not waiting like I did back in Destiny. I'm just giving up on this title.

I hope you guys all have a good holiday season, and may we all be blessed with a game release that is not shit at launch.


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