$18 is a “micro”transaction?

fallout 6 - $18 is a "micro"transaction?

Twelve and a half years ago, Bethesda released their infamous horse armor and received a ton of backlash for that. For a long time, that piece of DLC was seen as the embodiment of greed coming from big developers and was seen as a microtransaction in a game, far from quality DLC.

They even made it worse: three years later, they increased the price from $2.5 to $5. To this day, Horse Armor is seen as something ridiculous and unacceptable.

And yet, that seems to be the norm with Bethesda's paid mods (Creation Club) in Skyrim and Fallout 4 and the Atomic Shop of Fallout 76. Now we have a hairstyle for $5 and a power armor paintjob that costs $18.

$18 for one paint job. Is that what we're calling "mini-DLC's" now? Because I remember that Far Harbor, which is a full story expansion, was priced at $24.99 and that included much more than a color change to an existing armor set. Fallout 4's Automatron was $9.99. Was that a "microtransaction"? Was that a "mini-DLC"?


Bethesda has slowly made players get used to paying more for less without changing how they present this and it's clearly working because people are ok with this. Some people are ok because they earn the currency in-game to get "all of the things they want from the shop" when a lot more of the itens available in the shop were already included in the previous game at no additional cost.

At what point do we stop using the term microtransactions for things that are almost a third of a full-priced game? Even mobile games has laregely stopped using the term "microtransaction" and have instead decided to call it "in-app purchases" since it's clear that paying "$99.99 for premium currency is far from being "micro".

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