2 more nutso scenarios that happened to me that make this game worth the money spent.

fallout 6 - 2 more nutso scenarios that happened to me that make this game worth the money spent.

I'm in the Mire, fuck the mire, fuck everything about the mire, I love it. Actually nerve wracking at night cause there's WENDIGOS IN THE TREES, GIANT CRABS USING HALF A BUS FOR A SHELL, oh man, BUT….I was just scouting a place for my base while I continue south into the mire to keep adventuring on Survival mode..

I find a nice area, I plant my base, search the nearby POIs. Notice there's a gaping radioactive hole in the ground emitting radiation into the air. Ok, whatever. Didn't realize till later that was a fucking Scorchbeast nest, when two erupted form it right next to my base while i'm cowering behind my workbench like a scared level 29 child.

So they fuck off, , or atl east 2 of them too, there's one more nearby close, i hear it landand start roaring, i'm thinking "What the hell is this thing fighting that it can't kill yet? I thought these things were the APEX PREDATORS.." So I leave the safety of my shanty wooden SHACK in the middle of the nesting grounds of the apex predator…and it isn't a Scorched Beast fighting…

….It's a Diseased ELITE Scorchbeast fighting a LEVEL 80 MIRELURK QUEEN. WHICH PROCEEDED TO REORGANIZE THE FOOD CHAIN BECAUSE IT KILLED THE BAT FROM LITERAL RADIATED HELL. Not before they had a literal EPIC fight in the middle of this massive open field, WHILE I'm literally fighting the trash mobs of BOTH of them like I'm the secondary characters in a shonen jump anime. I'm fighting Scorched humans and Mirelurk babies and basic troops cause apparently the Queen, while fighting this demon with wings spreading poison everywhere more than Wario's fart in Super Smash Brothers, IT'S GIVING BIRTH RELENTLESSLY. WHICH MIGHT EXPLAIN THE RAGE-INDUCED ASS TEARING IT GAVE THE SCORCHBEAST.


I go over, and loot the beast, nice loot, Ultracite at level 29, neato. Well, we're not done. More don't spawn from the gaping maw that would rival WOW's Cataclysm expansion's final raid encounter (I'm aware most won't get my references, but the ones who do, I appreciate it), two fly over from the fucking forest and start fighting the Queen. She's at like 2/3 of her health, I'm thinking these two can do it, so I start chucking grenades into the fray.

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Every now and again one of the Scorchbeasts will turn and look at me, and I'm at DANGER, but thankfully the Queen poses a bigger threat than me, EVEN THOUGH THE SCORCHBEAST IS REALLY CONSIDERING OTHERWISE CONSTANTLY. Like he's just turning back on me, and giving me the look that says "You're next, sit and watch." I'm thinking "Whatever, you're both gonna die soon, i got plasma grenades, buffed up .44 pistol build, Psycho, stimpaks, AP food, I'll loot your corpse then topple the matriarchy!"

I turn away for a single moment to take care of stragglers, I turn back around to both Scorchbeasts looking at me now. What the fuck? Where's the Mirelurk Que- OH MY FUCK IT'S SCORCHED.

I'm gunned down from the sky shortly after, and am currently cowering in my house too afraid to leave cause my stash is full and i'm overencumbered, so I can't sprint, but I have to go out and get my loot.

Game still a strong 7.5/10 for me. Might go up more if I keep getting this kind of interaction. Still hoping and sure they'll add human NPCs at some point, OR (here's the loophole) they'll just add Synths lol. Idk how, but they will.

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