20 SBQ marathon results

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On Saturday, a group of us did 20 SBQ fights in a row. With breaks and the occasional distraction by the new Arkos event it took us just under 14 hours.

A couple of interesting fun (and not so fun) facts:

I used 25k 5mm rounds. Basically held down the trigger on my gatling gun(s) throughout the entire fights. Honestly thought I would have used way more. I came prepped with 97k rounds. Using all the relevant perks and sitting at 10% health, my bloodied gatling gun with speedy receiver sheet damage was 759 per shot (max Adrenaline).

Looted 38 legendary items. 3 were three star. The vast vast majority were 2 star combat armor (could have done a better job of tracking this).

Ended up with a grand total of 76 Stable Flux, 70 Improved Repair Kits, and a 120 Super Stim Packs.

I had to repair one PA leg once (not using Power Patcher perk).

I ran all 20 silo runs either solo or in a group. The lockout timer is real and stupid. Only way to keep track is to write it down on a piece of paper. The only way to know if you are locked out or not is to insert a keycard and try to launch (oddly enough it "saves" the keycard for when your timer does expire). The missile silo holotape would be a great place to display this. By the end of the night, we were bringing people in and giving them keycards so someone could launch the nuke. The amount of robots that spawn in the launch room is just random. If there is any correlation to the # of people who run the silo, I cannot find it.

Our fastest kill was under 4 minutes (really think it was under 3, but I was in shock and missed the timer). This was around run 5 or 6. People were starting to follow us as server hopped. Our longest kill was around 15 minute mark. Blooded melee builds just melt the SBQ.

SBQ trash is tied to the timer and not her health like I previously thought. The longer the fight goes on, the more trash you get. I would have preferred to be the other way around. You can melt her fast enough to never see any trash.

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Server stability has gone through the roof! Serious kudos to Bethesda for this. Not once in all 20 fights did the SBQ bug out, did anyone get disconnected, or the loot not fail to load instantly. There was no hitching or freezing at all. Two different people did get the audio glitch two different times. We would launch 3 nukes on a server, then hop onto next.


Cryolator EATS ammo and the ammo is heavy as balls. .03 per round is waaaaaaaay too much. 8k rounds was not enough. The original plan was to freeze her every time she landed. That quickly went out the window. We would have ran out of cryo cells before round 5 or 6. We settled on freezing her once before mutation, and once after. Still ran out of ammo by run 17. Freezing the SBQ in the air is a terribad idea. The one time we did, she did the slow slow land, then sank into the ground and was no longer visible (could still see her tracking dot on the map though). Once the freeze wore off she sprang up and out and we were back in business.

We had our fair share of jerks and leeches show up. We normally would pull her to Drop Site V9 and kill her outside the rad zone, but every now and again we would get 3-4 people show up and want to fight her deep in the rad zone. You want to fight the SBQ in the rad zone fine… launch your own nuke and pull her wherever you want. Trying to hijack someone else's nuke though is not cool.

Was frustrating to see level 40 and below people just huddled together trying not to die or worse yet, trying to tag everything for the XP. Hearing the Riflemen rage at losing their instigating bonuses was funny for about 5 minutes.

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All in all it was a great time. We never lost or even came close to losing a single SBQ fight. IMHO… the adds are what make the fight fun and more interesting. Spawn more BIGGER (death claws, fog crawlers, yao-gui, hermit crab) adds and less ticks, roaches, mirelurk spawns, ants, and mongrels. Looking down to see 4 ticks nibbling on your feet and trying to hit the little bastards in the grass is a pain.

For future runs I definitely see the opportunity to streamline the entire process a bit more, and do a better job of tracking some more things.

If you were on PC on Saturday, and saw multiple nukes per server, it was probably us! I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

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