27 hours into my no loot challenge update

fallout 4 - 27 hours into my no loot challenge update

So I posted a post about a week ago that i was starting a challenge run where the basic gist is you cannot loot items. if you want the full rules check out my old post. 3 things you need to note if its from a settlement that you allied with i dont count that as looting. if its from a quest its fine, and if a character tells you you can take it its also fine.

I started the game with 10 charisma to get some good early game caps and to push people for more money when doing quests. did strength 5 to get some unarmed damage going cause i cant loot bodies for ammo. in the beginning i set up most of my settlements as water and junk farms to get the some of the rarer materials for crafting. in retrospect i should have been splitting them by having some make food and water and some just make scrap this would have let me get the full use out of the nearby traders (the diner, abernathy farms, and the General Atomics Galleria ) by selling them food( corn, mutfruit, tato) and water and getting caps to trade for junk i needed instead of hoping it was randomly generated. this would have let me buy more stimpaks or just carried more purified water with me.


The middle game for me here was to keep my settlements growing and happy to generate more stuff while i took on low level raiders and slowly got armor bought from the diner trader. once i had full leather armor and bought a shipment of leather from Abernathy farms i was good to go on some farther out quests. this proccess continued until i had reached diamond city and could do some of the quests there. collecting the baseball memorabilia has a huge payout since hes paying you for each. i bought enough junk at this point to make a armor factory which i could have pump out a couple pieces of combat armor which was a huge boost to my defense at a relatively low level. at this point i some work for goodneighbor, sent the vault-tec Rep back to sanctuary hills and was ready to start making some serious caps. At this point i realized i could be making way more junk by trading for it so a majority of my settlements got changed over to crops with a high value and making water. The slog is great for this since it has that pool you can plug into. Trading water and food outright has increased my cap yield significantly, ive made enough caps to make two emporiums and have been able to steadily buy ammo. I've taken the castle back and look forward to making huge Motars to smash my enemies to pieces with.

Conclusion: I think the thing that suprises me the most is that i don't think playing the game this way actually takes up more time than playing normally. The reason for this is because normally your looking through desks and lockers and looking for all this junk. but im just running through places without a care in the world. i dont need to manage my inventory cause theres nothing i'm picking up. Im spending more times at settlements but honestly i think it just evens out pretty well. I've been having fun to normally i dont like management in games but i think cause its in this 3d setting i dont mind it so much.

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