28 quality-of-life changes I’d like to see in the game right now.

fallout 4 - 28 quality-of-life changes I'd like to see in the game right now.

Besides new content, Fallout 76 needs bug fixes and quality-of-life changes. Here are 28 QOL changes that would improve the game immensely (many of these have been discussed before):

  1. Let us see and inspect items we buy from NPC and player vendors. If it’s a super sledge with a heating coil, show us a super sledge with a heating coil. Let us rotate the item too.
  2. If the item in question is a plan, show us the crafted item, not a few sheets of paper.
  3. Increase the number of letters/digits shown so we can see the full name of the item. Items with long names are currently cut off.
  4. Increase the number of letters/digits for renamed items. Normal items have no limit on the length of the name, why are renamed items limited to ~20 characters? I want to be able to use “Troubleshooter’s Prime Explosive Gatling Gun” for my Troubleshooter’s Prime Explosive Gatling Gun.
  5. Give us a safe way to trade with other players. Each player chooses an item, and both players have to hit the OK button before the trade goes down.
  6. When looting items, show the value of the item for my character, not some character with maximum charisma. I don’t want to see that the item is worth 200 caps and then get only 30 caps at a vendor.
  7. After flora (e.g. fern flower, blast berries) are looted, do not display them as lootable until they are actually lootable again. I hate trying to loot flora only for nothing to happen.
  8. Let us change the brightness of the PIP-boy & headlamp in the PIP-boy or game’s settings. The current setting is too bright for close-up items, with so much glare. Yes, I know miner’s lamps are better, but I don’t wanna swap my PA helmet for a miner’s helmet.
  9. Change normal/ultracite plasma cores and fusion cores so they don’t eject before they are spent. It sucks having partially-used cores piling up in my inventory, weighing me down.
  10. Change the ammo converter’s interface to that of an NPC vendor, with 2 tabs (Buy and Sell). For the Buy tab, show a list of ammo and the cost in ammo points. For the Sell tab, show the ammo you have and the # of ammo points you’d get.
  11. Let us check our PIP-boy to see how much time is left until the various daily timers reset (caps, scrip, bullion).
  12. Increase the duration of the bench press and related CAMP items from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Thirty minutes guarantees that the buff will expire long before we return to our CAMP.
  13. It’s great that we can display weapons, but let us display power armor and outfits as well. This seems like a money-maker for Bethesda, as people will have more reason to buy PA skins and outfits from the Atomic Shop.
  14. Let us build a training dummy in our CAMP so we can test our weapons. Have it linked to a terminal so we can choose the type of dummy (say, level 100 scorchbeast) and what data we want in the readout (say, DPS, DPM and # of shots fired).
  15. Give us a reason to use our personal terminals. Maybe give us info on all events and daily/repeatable quests? Maybe store all our weapon test data?
  16. Give the scrapbox to non-Fallout 1st members and put it in the train stations. The scrapbox makes the game much less tedious. Fallout 1st members still get private worlds, survival tents, season rewards, monthly atoms and more.
  17. Implement perk card loadouts. There is already a mod for this, which greatly increases your versatility. Why this mod has not been incorporated into the game yet is baffling.
  18. Implement text chat. The Text Chat mod is great, notifying me of events and giving me people to add to my friends list. There are channels like global chat, trade chat, party chat. So far I have seen no one abusing the chat with spam.
  19. Increase the daily cap, scrip and bullion limits. If you play this game for more than an hour or two a day, you will likely get more than 1400 caps’ worth of things to sell, 150 scrip worth of legendary items and 20 treasury notes. It sucks when these things build up past the limits, particularly legendary items that can make you over-encumbered.
  20. Add more cap sinks to the game. I am frequently at max caps because I have active vending machines and loot/craft/sell to NPC vendors. Let us buy mole miner pails and/or wrapping paper all year round or give us other things to buy.
  21. Add more bullion sinks to the game. I am frequently near max bullion and have to buy lunch boxes or items I don’t really want just to exchange my treasury notes. Let us spend bullion to buy rare plans or items that we can only get from enemy drops or world containers.
  22. Make all legendary items craft-able. I don’t know why the legendary module system was abandoned after it was introduced with Wastelanders. Crafting is fun and this system increases the chances you get the legendary item you want.
  23. Increase the number of options from the purveyor. This game has so many melee weapons, ranged weapons and armor types that the chances of getting the item you want is almost nil. Create subsections like unarmed, 1-handed melee, 2-handed melee, heavy guns, rifles, pistols, energy weapons and light/medium/heavy armor. This way you have to try the purveyor 10-15 times instead of 50 times to get the item you want (e.g. war glaive).
  24. Let us spend extra scrip at the purveyor to skip the 1st round of RNG and pick the item we want. Of course, there are still ~20 legendary types, so it will take you ~20 tries to get the 1st star you want (e.g. anti-armor).
  25. Change the purveyor system so that the 2nd and 3rd stars are purchased once you get the correct item and 1st star. If you get the wrong affix, you use scrip to re-roll the affix without losing the item. These purchases should be expensive since there are less than 10 affixes for each star. This way you gradually use RNGs to generate the legendary item you want, rather than relying on a bunch of RNGs at one time. If you like the current system, you can keep it too.
  26. Let legendary enemies drop legendary rare/bullion weapons & armor, instead of just vanilla weapons & armor.
  27. Add fishing to the game. How are wastelanders going to get food? Farms, hunting and fishing. We have the first two, let’s get the third. This doesn’t need much content, just 5-10 types of fish that you can catch & cook, and fishing poles located at each pond.
  28. Make radstorms more common and make them spawn multiple types of level-100 glowing enemies. With text chat you would have half the server coming over and making a helluva battle.

EDIT: from the comments:

  1. a keyring so the MISC tab isn't a mile long

  2. a tab in the social menu for received friend requests

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