$30 for the BoS bundle is insane

fallout 7 - $30 for the BoS bundle is insane

I'm pretty aware that my following post might get me a lot of hate, toxicity and downvotes. Surely everything on the pretext that it's my post being hateful and toxic. But still, i guess it's legit to be a fan of a game, support it, but also criticize, call out things if you feel like they might not seem okay.

When i will criticize some things now, i want to make clear that i'm not criticizing everything, as i'm sure that the developers of this game do their best and that's surely also the case for a lot more people involved in this game. I will just criticize things of which i believe are completely wrong in this game and leave it to anyone judge theirself, where the problem lies.

I'm a Bethesda games player for over a decade. Be it Fallout 3+4, (Obsidian's) NV, or every TES title, i ever enjoyed their beautiful worlds, quests and the depth in nearly everything found in their games. Not only me, but i believe every fan had to deal or is still dealing with a crazy amount of bugs, issues or whatever in their games, but i'm sure we all found a way to live with them, as the positives always did/do outweigh the cons. Well, to me personally, until today.

I'm playing Fallout 76 since release. I've paid full price for it. Spent a lot of my hard earned real money on their atom-shop to support, Fallout 1st member every month since implemented. And although wasn't happy with the introduction of the latter, i still thought that it's okay, as i did believe it will be for the better of the game. PA paints sold for 1800 atoms, a price, that gets you full dlc's in other games, or even more crazy, full dlc's with huge content and new locations on previous fallout titles, but i thought okay, whoever feel like buying just do it. I won't.

A lot of things introduced in the atom-shop, often overpriced, while the main game still had only one endboss for over a year. A second much later. Still no meaningful endgame at all. No meaningful raids, or strikes-like things that Destiny has, dungeons like WoW. No. Just a few new events that are pretty much the same as the ones before. Story missions you can beat in like an hour.

But okay. We all dealt with it. Swallowed that pill.

But what started to annoy me, is how Bethesda labels their new small updates "free".

When in reality they are nowhere free! They are actually a lot more expensive than updates on any other game.

Me alone, thinking about the real money i've spent on atoms, i did pay for 4-5 season passes just in one year. And i doubt i'm the only one. And what did i do get?

No day i log in without

– having to manage my favorite wheel-tab straight away, as the game can't keep the items i put in there for longer than one gaming session. Gone, after every log out.

– half a dozens server dc's, blue screens

– stuck in structures of people's camps, after fast travel to them

– experience a damage lottery on my guns, one time do x amount of damage, the second later another


– fast travel to a certain location and have time to drink a coffee, while waiting for the buildings to fully load in (improvement on here, but still not even beta after 2 years)

– and so on and so on.

The list could be endless.

But okay, we all dealt with it, accepted it. As we all still believe in it! Still had hope the game will become what a true Fallout game can be! Supported you.

And now you pull something that one could go as far as saying it's robbery! Scam!

$30 for the BoS recruitment bundle.

$30 for 6 cosmetic items!

Are you serious?!

Sure, once again i could say, who cares, it's just cosmetics, i don't have to buy. But NO!

I would love to buy it. The backpack completes the spec ops suit, the stash fits perfectly to my BoS styled camp. But is it worth it? Do i have to buy it? No. But i want to. And the truth is you know that!

You know that a lot of people will do!

We all know that you aren't creating games for charity, but that you do mainly for business. But imho, a good business is always a two-sided thing. Good business is, when both parties profit of it.

Having prices that justify the effort being put into it. And to me i simply can't believe that the effort put into creating this bundle can be justified by a $30 price tag!

And if so, why put so much effort into it, when it's the main game that is in desperate need of work? As even after 2 years it feels like being under construction?!


Imagine visiting a hotel. Doesn't look bad from the outside. You enter it, can see how it promises a beatiful design, stylish, nice, if there were not the walls here and there, no wallpapers on them. Many spots unfinished. You ask to rent a room and being asked to pay a 4-seasons-penthouse-price.

After you paid and move on to use the elevator you have to find out that it's out of order.

You find and enter your room, turn on the lights, but nope, you can't, no electricity.

Well, you get the point.

I'd love to buy the bundle, it's nice, but for $30? I pass.

And if this is the future that is awaiting all of us, i need to consider pass on everything related to this and your future games too.

I love supporting a company and game i love. But what i don't want is being scammed. Being used. Being turned into a cash cow, where only you profit of, and the gamer getting the short end of a stick.

Then i'm out.

To think about how much money i've spent on the game and see where it's heading to, makes me cry. The more as one doesn't even know how long they keep running the show. As on the day they'll decide to turn out the lights, because the game isn't worth running it anymore, the $30 spent on 6 cosmetics will be only one of many reasons that gives you enough for a good outloud cry.

Thanks for reading. Or don't.

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