31 Power Armor locations, 7 of that Raider PA, in Fallout 76

fallout 7 - 31 Power Armor locations, 7 of that Raider PA, in Fallout 76

I have in my travels of both West Virginia and the Interwebs collected 31 locations of Power Armor for Fallout 76.

Originally I had planned to do a video, but being old and a slow learner it would take me too long to create something worth sharing in a timely fashion, so I will use this medium and just throw you a shared link to the sheet I have set up.

I hope you will find it useful. At any rate, it helped me to acquire a full set of Raider PA without cheesing it.

One more thing I'd like to add, I don't know if it is instanced, random or a fixture for everyone, but the vendor robot in the Grafton town hall (NOT the train station) was selling me one of each Raider Power Armor mod of type: kinetic plates, leg servos (carry cap), HUD tracking (red outline) at around 300 caps a piece. Grafton is the map icon with the water tower North of Morgantown.


Here's a share to the sheet. Let me know if something's off with the sharing settings.



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