40+ screws, 30+ springs, 20+ adhesives, 100+ plastic in under an hour

fallout 4 - 40+ screws, 30+ springs, 20+ adhesives, 100+ plastic in under an hour

Before going into this, it's by no means an exhaustive guide and I know this is old news for most of you, but I wanted to share anyway.

Also the numbers might be different per run, it's a rough estimate. (For instance, there were two globes missing in sugar grove from previous times during this run), but this was a rather good one.

I had a good run and I wanted to show a quick tour of the locations I visit to get screws and springs (and more) in under an hour, if it hasn't been looted before.

Full album if you prefer to see all the pictures at once.

Camp Mac Clintock

  • 10+ Clipboards
  • 2+ Military ammo bags, check the lockers for (sometimes) more

ETS (estimated time of sweep): 2 minutes

National Radio Astronomy Research Center

  • 5+ Typewriters
  • 5+ Desk fans
  • 5+ Clipboards
  • 3+ Antique Globes
  • 2+ Alarm clocks
  • Bonus: 2 safes (level 2), shotgun shells (Scorched)

Be sure to check lockers, desk, and drawers, more clipboards and alarm clocks in there.

And Pepper/Salt shaker(s) in the kitchen.


ETS: 10 minutes

Sugar Grove

  • 3+ Antique Globes
  • 5+ Desk fans
  • 10+ Clipboards
  • Bonus: 2 (maybe more) safes, steamer trunk at the end of the "dungeon", possibly a Legendary Assaultron too.

ETS: 10+ minutes

Tyler county fairgrounds

  • 2+ Toy trucks
  • 3+ Toy cars
  • 4+ Toy aliens (plastic + rubber)
  • Bonus: shotgun shells (scorched)

From the fast travel point, go towards the left, near the parking lot, there's a room with quite a lot of plastic (plates, plastic pumpkins).

There's also the golf stall, with golf balls.

ETS: 5 minutes

Wavy Willard's Water Park

Last but not least, this baby has a ton of Toy trucks, in this area mostly (to the right after the entrance), but do a sweep towards the left part too.

  • 6+ Toy trucks
  • 3+ Toy cars

ETS: 5 min

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Not mentioned:

Whitespring resort has a toy store with a couple of toys and a giddyup too.

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