600 vault steel IS pay to win

fallout 2 - 600 vault steel IS pay to win

In the wake of the scrap box that comes with fallout 1st being bugged at launch causing some people to lose junk items Bethesda is handing out 4 special bulk junk items that each contain massive amounts of junk to Fallout 1st members.

Each of these 4 special bulk junk items contains 150 vault steel for a grand total of 600 vault steel.

This is absolutely bat shit insane.

I realize that a lot of players don't run vault 94 so let's just try to put this into perspective:

  • You can earn a grand total of 12 Vault steel per day at the absolute max, and this requires that you complete ALL 3 difficulties each day to obtain that sum.
  • The raids take maybe 15 – 30 minutes to complete but let's just assume 10 to give a benefit of the doubt here.
  • It would take an absolute minimum of 50 days to acquire 600 vault steel playing the game. At 10 minutes per run, 3 runs per day and assuming exactly 0 failures, it would take 37.5 HOURS to acquire 600 vault steel.
    • Realistically it would take VASTLY more time, especially if you count up the time it takes to prep in between missions, gather your group in the first place, sell off items to get your weight under control in between missions, etc. Conservatively I think it would take at least twice as long if not triple so we are more realistically talking about 70-100+ hours of grinding here.
  • It costs 162 Vault steel to craft a full set of Strangler heart PA, and 50 to create a full set of either thorn or solar armor all assuming you use perks to reduce the cost.
  • The Vault 94 PA is easily the most powerful PA in the game by a country mile, and there is a trivially easy exploit that allows this item to be given to other players. For obvious reasons I'll not explain this here but it is shockingly easy and anyone with a set of the PA can do it.
    • People used to trade MULTIPLE legacies for stranger heart armor when they first came out, so hopefully that helps to contextualize just how insanely good it is.
    • Fallout 1st members can build 3 FULL SETS and still have enough left over for a full set of each of thorn and solar armor or only need another ~50 to make a 4th set.
    • There is a game breaking bug that causes some but not all players to lag out and crash, especially in events like SBQ, when any player (even just one) is using strangler heart pa. While a majority of players don't seem to be impacted, this is game breaking for the minority that experience the bug and it's about to get much, much worse as literally hundreds of full suits are about to flood the economy.
  • The non-pa vault (thorn and solar) armors are randomly generated 3* legendary. So if you get trash legendary effects, you have to grind up the steel to make a new piece, that's a minimum of 2 complete runs on standard and expert.
    • Fallout 1st members can make 12 pieces of non PA armor, meaning they can reroll the ones they don't like and have vastly better odds of obtaining good or god tier legendary effects with 0 effort.

600 Vault steel is just an amazingly broken thing to hand out. I sympathize with fo1st members who lost junk but for fucks sake, handing out the single rarest and hardest to acquire crafting mat in the entire game at this massive scale is just ridiculous.


TL:DR: Bethesday gave out 600 vault steel to 1st members who experienced the scrap box bug and lost junk. This is an insane amount of vault steel, enough to make multiple full sets of armor that normally would take 70-100+ hours to obtain.

And Worst of all the PA is both the most powerful single PA in the game by a huge amount, can be transferred to other players via a simple exploit, and it ALSO has a game breaking bug that causes some players to crash to desktop when playing alongside another player in the PA.

All I can say, is WTF.

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