9 Reasons why Fallout 5 will be a war between Maxon’s Brotherhood and the Midwestern Brotherhood

fallout 2 - 9 Reasons why Fallout 5 will be a war between Maxon's Brotherhood and the Midwestern Brotherhood
  1. The Brotherhood of Steel has to be in every game now. I don't make the rules, it's just a fact.

  2. Maxon's "purge the ghouls and mutants" philosophy is the polar opposite of the Midwest's "recruit the ghouls and mutants" philosophy, setting up an obvious conflict.

  3. The BoS needs a new enemy that can stand up to them. The last two games had high-tech prewar organizations. A civil war against a rival Brotherhood is an obvious choice for something new. The Midwest would still have the requisite dudes in power armor but also be visually and strategically different since they recruit everyone and everything in the wasteland.

  4. New game, new location. Lots of Midwestern space to choose from that hasn't been detailed in other games. The swampy areas of the South are still unused but swamps with water and shadows all over need more processing power than plains.

  5. Recycle those blimp assets! Either side could blimp over to the other's territory, allowing the game to be set around a major city again and not a massive region of contested border territory. And far enough away from the Commonwealth and DC that people wouldn't be talking about them.

  6. Canon questions. Move it a bit in the future and a few states to the west and you have an excuse to only make a few references to "that business in the Commonwealth 40 years ago." And "that thing with the robots or whatever." The MW is also close enough to the West to throw in a couple characters from there and a few updates on what's been going on there.

  7. Maxon the character. Young Arthur Definitely got a strong reaction from players last game. It would be interesting to see how he develops. An older, maybe wiser Maxon could be open to persuasion from a charismatic character to finally change his ways, accept the Midwestern BoS to team up against whatever super enemy that is threatening them both. (My prediction is a new army of very polite super mutants coming from the north.)

  8. After a controversial release that tried something new, it's common for companies to go back to the reliable basics with a proven track record. The Brotherhood sells. 2 Brotherhoods? Double the sales!

  9. Co-opting the fanbase's division for marketing. All the arguments about who is better (the West Coast games/Black Isle/Obsidian vs. the East Coast games/Bethesda) would synergize well with a game in the middle where the two sides could literally fight it out.

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