900 hours, an update and a little about me.

fallout 5 - 900 hours, an update and a little about me.

Just a little update that turned really long. Spurred on by people asking for an update.

I am still currently banned. I have had no communication from Bethesda for over a week. I spent most of last week thinking about what I wanted to do. I watch many videos but decided to stick to fallout. I bought a new account on Monday. I'm writing up new character tips and trick as I go. I'm currently level 56.

Just a couple facts about me:

I don't have friends anymore, other than my brother, gaming is my socializing. RIP text chat mod.

I have a scapula injury that will likely need surgery. Its been the cause of chronic pain for the past 6 months. It also factored into losing my girlfriend, and I've likely lost a chance at the career/job I wanted.

I recently lost 55kg. I was enjoying being able to do exercise before my injury. Now I'm largely unable to do any. I swapped to the Keto diet and got my job in retail at the same time. Diet + exercise = weight loss. I still eat keto and currently weigh 96-98kg. At my heaviest I was 160kg. I turn 30 in April and for the first time in my life I am happy with my weight.

My mental health is probably at its worst in my life and I use gaming to distract myself from all the shit that keeps piling on.

I was told this week that my work cover won't pay for surgery if i need it and that I need to go through a lawyer to fight it.

I injured myself by working too hard, for too long, without proper rest. I still don't know my actual diagnosis. I had an MRI this week and learn the results soon. Similarly I got banned from 76 for playing too much, for too long. I have no idea when/if I'll get my accounts back. It's a real punch in the gut to be forced out of doing the things you enjoy because you put in too much effort.

Read:  I can confirm nothing has been locked besides framerate.

I spent over $300 on my main account, with the intent of playing 76 until the game died. I don't know why I love the game so much, other than I love the Fallout universe. The lore behind vaults, wars and monsters. The horrific lack of basic human morality from so many pre-war entities. It takes our own world and amps up the crazy and I love it. Plus the combat is fun and the map is enormous.

I didn't expect nor want my original banned post to get as much traction as it did. I lost count of how many videos people made about the incident. Similarly, some of the negativity I was sent was disgusting. Some people told me to kill myself for playing a video game for a long time. At the same time, I had a ton of positivity and well wishes from people.

This was longer than I expected it to be, but I just wanted to share my story. I don't need anything from anybody. I have all the support from my family and dogs that I need. Just please remember behind every keyboard is another person.

All I want moving forward is for people and Bethesda to not give up on Fallout 76. This game could be a masterpiece. All the elements are there just waiting to be expanded upon.

Thanks for your time and I'll see you in Appalachia!

PS: If Jon of Many a True Nerd or Oxhorn happen to wander through, I have spent the past 6 months watching and rewatching your fallout content. Thank you for keeping my sane.

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