a big list of suggestions; share your ideas

fallout 8 - a big list of suggestions; share your ideas

I have many suggestions to help improve this game.

I've coded each item to aid discussion.

Quality of Life Suggestions:

QLS1: Real trading, item for item. not just item for caps. This should have been in the game since the beginning. People are needlessly getting scammed out of items when trading.

QLS2: Transfer items between characters. Perhaps a lore friendly storage facility at the Whitespring. Maybe there's a cap cost to store the item. If you are still playing Fallout 76, you have more than one character. And having to wait until a trusted friend is online to transfer items between characters is just annoying.

QLS3: Legendary enemies should ALWAYS drop items of the same star level. It feels so bad to get a 1 star from a 3 star enemy.

QLS4: Scrip refresh at cap cost. Once you hit that 150 limit per 20 hours, you have no incentive to keep playing. Charge us 1,000 caps to refresh that 150 Scrip. Let us keep cashing in those legendaries all day long.

QLS5: Break down ammo. This would allow us to craft whichever ammo type we need. Very basic idea that was in past Fallout games.

QLS6: Bulk ammo for easy selling at less than 1 cap per round.

QLS7: Alert when leaving a world and someone is shopping in our vending machine. Just a simple pop-up to let us know that we could be missing a sale.

QLS8: More stats on our weapons. We need a true DPS (Damage per second) listing. We should know the AP cost. We should know the bash damage. List armor type (heavy, sturdy, etc). We can hide all these new numbers on the inspect screen.

QLS9: Change the level of armor/weapons. This should be a very expensive cap cost.

QLS10: Cooking with Purified Water. Why can we only use Boiled Water? Let us use purified water when cooking.

QLS11: Scrip refresh timer on Legendary Exchange machines. We know that it's every 20 hours, it just would be nice to know when exactly the scrip resets.

QLS12: Ask player for team invite via menu item. Maybe your friend is already in a team, and you can't message them because you play on PC. Well we should be able to ping our friend, it would be like a team invite overlay on the screen, but just asking for an invite to the currently existing team.

QLS13: Text chat. Even on consoles. We need to be able to talk to our teammates. Or even world chat, or Area chat. There's already a mod for this on PC, but we shouldn't rely on a mod for core functionality.

QLS14: Anti-serums, anti-addiction specific drugs (not just addictol). This would make our lives so much easier if we could tweak things instead of just redoing ALL mutations and ALL addictions every time.

QLS15: Ability to turn off junk bot voice lines in our camp. The repetition is maddening.

QLS16: Separate clothing and armor. In our pip-boy menu and in the vendor preview on the map.

QLS17: Separate listings for legendary gear and non-legendary gear in vendor map preview. I think I'm not alone when I say that I'm tired of getting bamboozled with false advertisement.

QLS18: Timer displayed on all events on the map on hover. So very annoying to spend caps to show up to an event that fails seconds after you load.

QLS19: Share legendary loot in public events. There's been plenty of feels bad moments with Uranium Fever and similar events where you don't get to tag the legendary enemy because some a-hole one-shots it. It doesn't have to be this way.

QLS20: Stop respawning people inside the nuke zone when they die during the Scorched Earth event (SBQ). If we can’t fast travel to locations inside a nuke zone, why are we allowed to respawn there?

QLS21: Let us re-spec all special points all at once. Maybe make this expensive somehow.

Gameplay Suggestions:

GS1: Perk for increased range on shotguns. Shotguns are basically melee weapons with ammo. This is not true to how shotguns really work. Perhaps we could introduce a new ammo type, a Shotgun Slug instead of Shell. Increased range, only one projectile. Just spitballing here.

GS2: More suppressors! 10mm SMG, laser weapons need some love.

GS3: Perk for armor penetration on pistols. We need a Tank Killer equivalent for pistols to make them more viable.

GS4: End game bosses per region. We already have the Scorchbeast Queen for the Cranberry Bog. We need a boss that appears in each region when you nuke it.


GS5: Ultracite ammo needs to not require flux. It should be just existing ammo type + ultracite. Currently Prime Receivers are not worth it because they're too expensive to use. It shouldn't be this way.

GS6: Remove Project Paradise from the public events list. We need to be able to trigger this event whenever we want to, like how it used to be.

GS7: Prime Receiver equivalent for melee weapons.

GS8: Legendary balance. Remove Stalker's legendary effect from Melee weapons. Change Stalker's to not cost more AP for that 100% shot. Change Nocturnal to not be worse during the day, only better at night. Combine Exterminator's effect into Hunter's and then remove Exterminator's; there's no reason to make a distinction between animals and bugs.

GS9: Looking For Group Radio channel, like the Hunter/Hunted radio channel. This would help people team up faster.

GS10: 1* legendary power armor. Currently power armor is outclassed by regular armor simply because the number of effects that regular armor can have.

GS11: Explosive heavy weapons should benefit from both heavy gunner AND demo expert. Make The Fatman Great Again™

GS12: What if there was a long range, sniping enemy? I feel like that would create


GS13: Rifle weight reduction perk card.

Camp Suggestions:

CS1: More camp items, stuff from fo4. elevators, scaffolding, fireworks, etc. Basically all the Fallout 4 DLC and some of the Creation Club items.

CS2: Auto door-closer like this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8457

CS3: Screenshots/photomode pictures displayed on walls in camps.

CS4: Let us stack foundations.

Crazy Ideas:

CI1: Let Us give existing non-legendary weapons/armor pieces to Purveyor to make it legendary. This should be very expensive, but it would narrow down the grind of getting a specific legendary.

CI2: Basement for camps, like the Cellar on the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim. Basically a door on the floor to load into a different cell. https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Cellar

CI3: Let us use cigars and cigarettes, but make them do small damage over time, like in Metal Gear.

CI4: Vaulting over obstacles/ climbing up ledges/ climbing into windows.

CI5: Area looting. You can pick up things from multiple bodies/containers if they are near you.

CI6: Community stash. Have you ever wanted to dump a bunch of .38 ammo but felt bad that it's going to waste? Well here's the wasteland equivalent of "take a penny leave a penny". Just a separate global stash (with a weight limit) would be nice.

CI7: Let us break down upgraded cards. There's no harm in letting us go back to rank 1 of a card. And we can always upgrade it again if we change our minds. Seems like a waste of a level up to have to re-pick a perk instead of just breaking down an existing upgraded card.

CI8: Once per fight, the SB Queen should pick someone up & drop them from 70+ feet.

CI9: Offering someone Atoms to leave the server. It would cost 10 Atoms to persuade someone to server hop. It would be a global notification. Whoever switches worlds first gets 5 atoms. This could also be an "Atom-sink". This option would be available at the 'World's Full' queue screen. Worlds being full for the SBQ fight sucks, let's convince people who aren't doing the fight to leave.

Nuclear Winter:

NW1: Your score/points should update if you stay & spectate team members. You can die early and then your squad goes on to win the match… and you get nothing for it even if you're spectating. That just feels bad.

NW2: Auto rejoin a lobby after a game. This could be a checkbox in the settings somewhere.

Don't Forget:

DF1: Perk Loadouts.

DF2: Legendary Levels.

Please discuss and let me know what you think of these ideas. I love this game and want it to be better. Post your ideas and I'll edit my list.

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