A Cap Run to Remember full of loot. Just keep running… (Give it a read or skim through)

fallout 7 - A Cap Run to Remember full of loot. Just keep running... (Give it a read or skim through)

This is not a complete list of all locations for cap stashes but covers about 50 possible locations all across the map. This run is a personal favorite and can take an hour or so to complete depending on cap stash spawns and server hopping. This is also good for hitting up vendors and other locations for plans. Don't forget to use fortune finder* Cap Collector* Or a set of unyielding* The bobble heads don't seem to work sadly. Stashes usually hold 16-100 caps each until searched which doubles the amount usually.

EXPERT TIP IF IT WON'T SEARCH THE FIRST TIME ON A STASH RUN A FEW FEET AWAY AND TRY AGAIN. (Check to make sure cap collector is ON! and maxed if possible).

Now lets begin.

First Locations:

Morgantown-10 stashes possible. (One on top of Biv's building (1), from there down to the street north is a bus(2), north from the bus is a tent with another(3), to the east of the tent on the roof is another with a stealth boy(4), the next stash is north on the other side of the school in Morgantown(5), the rest are on roofs to the south west in a blue tent behind a billboard(6), Another can be found near the railroad heading north from Vault Tech University West ontop of a house(7), One can be found on the side of a building with stairs on the west side under a chair (8), Incomplete* Will update* Check Around*

Can also do the plastic run in the Morgantown High School.

Morgantown Station-Sell to the vendor for caps or unload items or scrap.

Grafton-2 stashes possible. The First is the the red train cart north of the train station (1), a fusion generator can be found the the east of this cart producing 1 core at random, the last one is in the building to the right of the responder vendor if entering the gate to the East (enter the door with the cola machine to the right and head up the stairs on the far right wall to the top where there is a locked study. Lock pick check of 2).

Valut 76-Fast traveling here is free.

Vaults/Bunkers-Search for nuka cola, plans for paints, or alien blaster items.

Deathclaw Island-1 stash possible and a magazine where the deathclaw spawns in. Get a sneak attack to get advantage.

Camp or The Power Plant East of Valut 76. Monongah*

Ammo Dump-1 stash possible on a bench with a few skeletons. 2 Turrets will attack.

Camp or The Power Plant East of Valut 76. Monongah*

Top of the World Vendors– Plans can be found heading to the elevator to TOTW. To the left near an open safe and display stands after the ski resort. To the right of tehre head north to s street with a few stalls with raider bodies where mods, plans, and a stealth boy can be found (You will know if your in the right place by a pile of raider bodies and a power armor in an arena). Heading East there is another stealth boy on a rack near a few cabins further East.

Central Mountain Lookout-Watch for traps heading up. Caps can be found between two raiders on a chess board. A random encounter to the south and a few iron deposits neat this encounter spot in the nearest north west rocks (visible from encounter spot).

Toxic Larry's Meat and Go-3 Snally Ghasters, recipes, bobble heads up to 2.

Harpers Ferry-Vendor, Plans in the building near the south of town heading to the vendor, more plans and items in the fridge near the vendor and on the second floor diagonal to the vendor.

Big B's Rest Stop-1 stash possible. Behind the counter in the building on the far West with plans and other items possible.

The Tree Tops for crafting materials and a crowned enemy. Then can head south if any technical data to deposit it.

West of the train tracks south of Harpers Ferry is an unmarked location for ticks a bit north of the tracks and west of the highway. 100% spawn about 6-7.

National Radio Array-1 stash possible. Inside first floor to the right is a terminal at a desk. In the basement is a fusion generator.

West Tek-3 stashes possible. The first is off to the right in a trailer on a filing cabinet, the enxt ones can be found past the decontamination showers in the plant area near that ramp on the second floor in a bookcase, the last one is in the room locked by terminals (there is a hole in the ceilings where super mutants are in tubes on the first floor juming up to the second or lock pick the door on the second floor).

Freak Show-1stash possible. Random creatures spawn sometimes they can be immortal. Stash is in the back of the truck with the skeleton with caps in green bins or on the ground.

Watoga High School-1 possible. In the office to the left past the stair case when entering from the door near the train station. 3 cola machines (first is through the hole after the stash, down the hall to the right of the enterance, then in the kitchen area near the pie machine). Don't forget your plastic.

From the High School go north over the railing and toward the BOS vendor. Stop! On this road to the left is a bus. Stealthboy and magazine inside this bus.

Watoga Emergency Medical Center-1 possible. At the evry top in the fridge near the crowned enemy.

Camp or to the next location below.


Middle Mountain Cabins-1 possible. In the oven of the cabin to the far east with the radroaches in it.

Black Water Mine-2 possible. Near Barrels on the ground. 1 right before the building with the power armor station. To the left in the other building is a chance for plans to spawn on a barrel near the armor bench. On some crates can spawn some appearal. Heading out of this building is the last stash and a bobble head on top of the building leading down to the mine.

The Whitespring Resort-1,3 possible. 1 is inside behind a lockpick 3 door when entering the True East enterance down the stairs to the right behind the Butler bot. The rest are outside on top of the Entrance to the Enclave Bunker with the decantamination showers. (Not the Vault door enterance) Stash is near the skeleton on the roof, the next stash is down near the last Enclave enterance down the road is a turret and a small building (in the trash can on its side). Follow this road through the golf course towards the fissure site (to the right is a small building before leaving the Whitesprings with the last stash in a desk slot).

The Enclave Bunker-1 possible. Entering throught the secret enterance from the inside of the whitesprings to the left in a small room with the assualtron at knee level. Cola Machine and vendors also*

River Side Manor-2, 1, 1, 1 possible. This Run ahs been covered in videos before. 2 can now be found at the River Side manor in the garage in front of the car, and inside under the bunk beds on the second floor. Bobble on the dresser and aid box in same room. 1 can be found in the building north of the manor on the third floor with a crowned ghoul usually on some crates, to the east is a hedge garden and on the roof of the building north of this are two skeletons and a teddy bear with blocks spelling hubba hubba (bobble near the ledge just out of view with back towards the bear to the left). Continue north towards the left building behind are some mongrals/hounds in a sfae near some snaptail reeds is anotehr cap stash, north of this is a scorched building on the second floor in a dresser near the lip of the caved in floor, the last is in on the top of the building up the hill at the final building. can get to the top by jumping from the hill to the roof, usually liberators spawn here.

Charleston-2 possible. Starting at the terminal on the 2nd or third floor for the one responder mission run and follow the arrows to the next building go left then right is a caved in floor up on a dresser near a lamp, turn around and go the the door level with the stash and follow the arrows to the next building up the stairs and in a small room inside the terminal.

Head toward the Grafton Monster and random encounter enar the train station.

Posiedon Energy Plant-3, 1, 2, 1, 2. This cap run has also been covered in a few vidoes. The first few are near the encampment on a barrel and inside a tent. The next is up against the wall on some silver crates past the mines and cars. Head right towards the silos (avoid entering if steam is coming out or stim and keep health using inteligence and charisma stim modifiers) the right silo has 1 magazine near a broken yellow control panel. The stash is dirrectly above this area near toxic waste barrels. The Next silo has 2 stashes one at the top control room and one on the catwalks on a table. The Next stash is up on the side of the main building (a bobble can be found on the samefloor with a skeleton near the side of the second silo following 5 pipes). The last stashes are on the roof up the last stairs from the last stash then up in a filing cabinet, to the very top where a crowned enemey is is a bobble then jumping down towards the edge of the building still facing the minigun are teddy bears and a radio with a magazine. Follow the edge to the trailer with the hazmat suit and go down the conveyor belt to the last stash with the skeleton and a bobble.

Nuka Cola Plant-1, 2, 2. Outside is a small trailer inside is a terminal with the first cap stash, up the stairs to the left of the trailer the take a left on the roof up some more stairs and keep going on the left is another stash, go back the way you just came and had up the otehr side of the roof, ghouls will attack, behind a locked door on the roof is the last stash outside, behind this building on the roof is a fusion generator, follow the stairs off the side of the bulding down into the loading area and go inside, inside go to the forklift and head up the catwalk where anotehr stash is, the last stash is in a locker inside near the converyor belts with empty bottles and ghouls.

THUS ENDS THE RUN! After the run is done you can do it AGAIN! The stashes reset after so long but the vendors do not along with the plans. Get familiar with the locations and what order is best for you can where your camp is situated.

Total: 51 cap stashes possible. (Math could be off)

If I missed any locations please add them below with some details. Make vidoes of this, do the runs, share and get bank. Will link some vidoes which cover certain areas of this run to make it easier at a later date.

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