A case against mutants

fallout 4 - A case against mutants

I've seen countless posts about the Brotherhood of Steel and having them compared to fascists/nazis/etc. due to their added prerogative of cleansing the wasteland of mutants, especially in Fallout 4. Now while I can agree that killing all mutants, isn't the best thing to do, I think it's important to see why they want to do so.

  1. Super mutants- I think that the biggest case supporting pro-Brotherhood methods of cleansing can be justified through the existence of super mutants. We see in almost all of the Fallout games (made by Bethesda) that SM's are a plague on the wasteland. Countless areas in the Commonwealth are dotted with super mutant camps, containing in them horrific displays of brutality against humans, with meat sacks strewn about, and mutants that automatically attack when near, the brutal nature of these mutants can't be ignored. Along with this, we hear BOS leaders say in FO4 that when the Prydwen flew to Boston, the cities they passed were infested with mutants, and it might be safe to assume they occupied these lands with force. Other groups of mutants like in the fort outside Boston's airport sit on top of highly destructive weapons, that thankfully haven't been unleashed on the wastes. Other mutants like the ones in DC are highly aggressive, with only one mutant being nice in FO3 and FO4 as far as I can remember. The only counter-argument I can think of are the generally passive super mutants found on the west coast, in FO1, FO2, and FNV, them having set up many peaceful settlements throughout the west.
  2. Ghouls- This one may be the weakest argument I'll make just due to the possibility that ghouls may not always be feral. However, one can't ignore the threat ghouls pose against innocent wastelanders and explorers. Obviously feral ghouls are well, feral, and kill anything that isn't a ghoul. They can infest any sewer, cave or any other settlement really, and against unarmed or unprepared humans, a ghoul attack can be fatal, and let's face it, the average wastelander isn't prepared to fight radroach, much less a pack of ghouls. Seeing Brotherhood members fall victim to ghoul attacks would more than likely influence the decision to want to eradicate ghouls from the wastes. The counterargument here is simple and effective, and that's through the existence of non-feral ghouls present all over the world of Fallout. We see time and time again, peaceful ghoul communities and individuals who pose no threat to society, and more often than not, contribute to it as seen with Veteran NCR Rangers often being ghouls. So if the Brotherhood's goal is to eradicate ghouls, that's fine by me, just leave the non-feral ghouls alive. Side note: I know a ghoul can turn feral given continued radiation exposure, but given that high radiation wouldn't be present in most settlements, I don't think this should be of high concern for BOS.
  3. All other abominations- I'm talking about: centaurs, mutant hounds, and just about any dangerously mutated creature. This one I won't really argue about as these things should be killed on sight and are self-explanatory to me.

My #1 argument is that we have to look at the BOS's mission from perspective. If we follow Lyon's Brotherhood chapter, we see that he added the goal of helping the people of the wasteland in at least some sort of way by trying to start up project purity again but lost it to mutants. I'm not trying to paint the BOS as saviors, because they're not, but with the added mission of cleansing the wasteland of mutants, it could and would make life much easier and safer for wastelanders, who already have it hard as it is. Look at downtown Boston for example, it's crawling with mutants of all types, and is uninhabited by any humans really.


What I would do differently is focus on the main goal of the BOS, which is acquiring tech and not focus on mutants as much unless they're hostile. Think about how interesting it would be to meet a BOS Head Paladin or Elder to find out he's a ghoul. The experience held by members who have been alive and fighting for decades would be indisposable to the BOS, seeing as they now seem to recruit openly (somewhat). But those are just my thoughts, what do you guys think?

Tl;dr: The Brotherhood isn't completely in the wrong about wanting to rid the wasteland of mutants, seeing as they ravage and kill innocents, and other Brotherhood members.

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