A casual/unoptimized players impression of the DPS nerf.

fallout 3 - A casual/unoptimized players impression of the DPS nerf.

tl;dr – The DPS nerf on the PTS as it is now, is (IMO) unbearable for One Wasteland content for casuals and unoptimized players.

Here is my build: https://nukesdragons.com/fallout76/perks?v=1&s=bf33a86&d=sb2s61s01sv3p00pd2pk2p60pp2pr0pl2e82ce0c80s12ic4ib0ii0an2ar2ao0a30l71l10lu2

This is my level 170+ sneaking sniper.

It's how I like to play. The two guns I used for this exercise are an instigating gauss rifle and a furious lever rifle. My armor parts aren't anything great, in fact they kinda suck.

Anyways, I heard the DPS nerf affected everybody, but optimized builds got it the worse. And people showed their guns damage stats on live vs. PTS. Lots of unhappy people.

I started to wonder how bad it would affect me, so I downloaded the PTS and started shooting stuff.

It was terrible. It seemed like I was doing like one tenth the damage I did normally. So I went back to the live server and started shooting stuff and taking notes. Did the same on the PTS.

So, I used the level 50 watoga protectotrons as a base. They existed on live and PTS, and were easy to find. I only targeted torsos, and I got a close as I could to make sure I got damage numbers unaffected by distance.

On Live:

Watoga Protectotrons50torso372Fur. Lever Gun
Watoga Protectotrons50torso1109Ins. Gauss Rifle


Watoga Protectotrons50torso181Fur. Lever Gun
Watoga Protectotrons50torso750Ins. Gauss Rifle

While this was a significant DPS hit, it was one I could live with. But it didn't reflect my initial experience. I thought about it a bit and realized that all my initial contacts were with the new one-wasteland leveled monsters. I couldn't have an apples to apples comparison, but I could come close with the Deathclaw that spawns at TM-02 north of Watoga. A level 91 deathclaw spawns there pretty regularly on the live servers, and it's level 100 on the PTS. I hopped around the live servers until I found one, shot it in the face with the lever gun until it died. I then did the same on the PTS (sorta).

LIVE – Deathclaw (TM-02)91head740Fur. Lever Gun
PTS – Deathclaw (TM-02)100head125Fur. Lever Gun

Do I even need to say anything?

I should note, the PTS lvl 100 Deathclaw one-shot me. I took some hits from the Live lvl 91 deathclaw and survived. I could see that as a good or bad thing, to be honest.

So, working off of the assumption that DPS was nerfed across the board, but super-nerfed for one-wasteland critters, I proceeded to wander the PTS looking for critters that would be one wasteland content. Basically stuff that was way higher level than I'd ever expect to see. Like a level fifty radstag. That took four headshots to kill with the lever gun. I stopped taking detailed notes at this point because I couldn't do apples to apples comparisons. Everything was going to be based off of my experiences. It didn't take long to determine that the one wasteland content is made of bullet sponges in addition to the DPS nerf.

I reached the sad conclusion that if I ever wanted to get loot from a SBQ after the live patch, I'd have to go bloodied or junkies. Doing the legendary run challenges would be an insane grind. Kill X number of critter and they all take at least 4 shots to kill. Everything will be a bullet sponges. I'll have spend as much time grinding for ammo as I would killing the critters.

Personally, I play for fun and that's not fun for me. I hear Horizon Zero Dawn is really fun, maybe it's time to pick that up.

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