A Complete List of All Apparel in FO76. Outfits Hats Masks Eyewear

fallout 8 - A Complete List of All Apparel in FO76. Outfits Hats Masks Eyewear

This does Not include Armor or Atomic Shop Apparel.

Amusement Park Worker Outfit

Army Fatigues

Army Helmet

Assault Gas Mask

Assaultron Helmet

Asylum Worker Hat Blue

Asylum Worker Hat Brown

Asylum Worker Hat Forrest

Asylum Worker Hat Green

Asylum Worker Hat Pink

Asylum Worker Hat Red

Asylum Worker Hat Weathered

Asylum Worker Hat White

Asylum Worker Hat White Dirty

Asylum Worker Hat Yellow

Asylum Worker Uniform Blue

Asylum Worker Uniform Brown

Asylum Worker Uniform Forrest

Asylum Worker Uniform Green

Asylum Worker Uniform Pink

Asylum Worker Uniform Red

Asylum Worker Uniform Weathered

Asylum Worker Uniform White

Asylum Worker Uniform White Dirty

Asylum Worker Uniform Yellow

BOS Hood

BOS Jumpsuit

Baseball Cap

Baseball Uniform


Battered Fedora

Beer Hat

Black Cowboy Hat

Black Prospector's Hat

Black-Rim Glasses

Blue Bandana

Blue Batting Helmet

Bomber Jacket

Bottle and Cappy Orange Jacket & Jeans

Bottle and Cappy Red Jacket & Jeans

Bottlecap Sunglasses


Bowler Hat

Brotherhood Fatigues (Underarmor)

Brotherhood Knight Suit (Underarmor)

Brotherhood Lab Coat

Brotherhood Officer Suit (Underarmor)

Brotherhood Scribe Outfit

Brotherhood Soldier Suit (Underarmor)

Brown Fisherman's Overalls

Camden Park Uniform

Camo Bandana

Campaign Hat

Cappy Jacket & Jeans

Casual Outfit

Chef Hat

Civil War Era Dress

Civil War Era Suit

Civil War Era Top Hat

Clean Steel Worker Uniform

Clean Spacesuit

Clean Spacesuit Helmet

Clown Hat

Clown Outfit

Combat Armor Helmet

Confederate Hat

Confederate Uniform

Cop Cap

Cop Cap (Responder Clean)

Crumpled Fedora

Damaged Hazmat Suit

Dirty Army Fatigues

Dirty Army Helmet

Dirty Fedora

Dirty Tan Suit

Dog Helmet

Drifter Outfit

Enclave Officer Hat

Enclave Officer Uniform

Engineer's Uniform

Explorer Outfit

Eye of Ra

Eyebot Helmet


Faded Visor

Farmhand Clothes

Fashionable Glasses

Fasnacht Man Mask

Field Scribe's Hat

Field Scribe's Uniform

Fire Breather Helmet

Fire Breather Uniform

Fireman Helmet

Fisherman's Hat

Fisherman's Outfit

Fisherman's Overalls

Flannel Shirt and Jeans (Underarmor)

Flight Helmet

Forest Camo Jumpsuit

Forest Operative Underarmor (Underarmor)

Forest Scout Armor Mask

Garb of Mysteries

Gas Mask

Gas Mask with Goggles

Golf Outfit

Golf Skirt

Gray Knit Cap

Greaser Jacket and Jeans

Green Bandana

Green Hood

Green Rag Hat

Green Shirt and Combat Boots

Grey Fisherman's Overalls

Halloween Costume Skeleton

Halloween Costume Skull

Halloween Costume Witch

Halloween Costume Witch Hat

Hard Hat (Colors Will Be Updated)

Harness (Underarmor)

Hazmat Suit

Hooded Rags

Hunter's Long Coat

Lab Coat

Leather Coat

Leopard Print Bandana


Letterman's Jacket and Jeans

Long Johns (Underarmor)

Longshoreman Outfit

Marine Tactical Helmet

Marine Wetsuit (Underarmor)

Mechanic Jumpsuit

Medical Goggles

Metal Helmet

Military Cap

Military Fatigues (Underarmor)

Miner Hat

Miner Hat Clean

Miner Uniform

Mining Helmet (Colors Will Be Updated)

Mr. Fuzzy Mining Helmet (Blue Red Yellow)

Mr. Fuzzy Yellow Hard Hat

Newsboy Cap

Nuke-World Geyser Jacket & Jeans

Nuke-World Jacket & Jeans

Nurse Uniform

Old Fisherman's Hat

Old Ring

Padded Blue Jacket

Party Hat

Pastor's Vestments

Patched Suit

Patched Three-Piece Suit

Patrolman Sunglasses

Police Uniform

Pompadour Wig

Prisoner Collar

Pristine Miner Uniform

Prospector's Hat

Prototype Hazmat Suit

Radstag Hide Outfit

Raider Leather (Underarmor)

Ranger Hat

Ranger Hat Clean

Ranger Outfit

Ranger Outfit Clean

Ratty Skirt

Red Bandana

Red Dress

Responder Fireman Helmet

Responder Fireman Uniform

Responder Police Uniform

Responder Paramedic Jumpsuit

Ritual Bindings

Ritual Mask

Road Lesthers (Underarmor)

Sack Hood

Sack Hood with Hoses

Sack Hood with Straps

Scavenger Outfit

Science Scribe's Uniform

Sea Captain's Hat

Sentry Bot Helmet

Skiing Navy And Orange Outfit

Skiing Outfit

Skiing Outfit Hat

Skiing Outfit Hat Clean

Skiing Purple And White Outfit

Skiing Red And Green Outfit

Skull Bandana

Soiled Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Head

Soiled Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Suit


Spacesuit Helmet

Steel Worker Hat

Steel Worker Hat Clean

Steel Worker Uniform

Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket Clean

Striped Bandana


Surgical Mask

Surveyor Outfit

Suspenders and Slacks


T-Shirt and Slacks

Tattered Dress

Tattered Field Jacket

Tattered Mole Head

Tattered Mole Outfit

Tattered Rags

Tin Foil Hat

Traveling Leather Coat

Trilby Hat

Undershirt & Jeans

Union Hat

Union Uniform

Urban Operative Underarmor (Underarmor)

Urban Scout Armor Mask

Ushanka Hat

Vault 76 Jumpsuit (Underarmor)

VTU Baseball Cap

VTU Jacket and Jeans

Vault-Tec Jumpsuit

Vault Tec University Jumpsuit (Underarmor)

Veil of Secrets

Wedding Ring

Welding Goggles

Welding Helmet

Western Outfit

Western Outfit & Chaps

White Powder Jumpsuit

Whitespring Jumpsuit

Winter Jacket and Jeans

Wool Fisherman's Cap

Wraparound Goggles

Wrapped Cap

Yellow Slicker Hat

Limited Time Fasnacht Maks will be Updated

I have searched for a complete list everywhere but there seems to only be bits and pieces here and there. So I have made this. If you collect apparel this is perfect for you.

If you think that there's anything missing please let me know. Thank you

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