A Comprehensive Guide to Storing Junk

fallout 3 - A Comprehensive Guide to Storing Junk

I think we can all agree that managing our stash inventory can feel a bit frustrating or tedious from time to time, most notably the junk portion. Sometimes it's hard to remember which components are more useful, which ones weigh less when bulked, etc. Well, I sat down for a few hours and compiled a pretty detailed list that can hopefully help provide a nice reference for anyone who needs it.

So basically the first section will compare bulked vs. scrapped resources, and the second section will detail what every resource can be used for so you can reference whatever resources your character build needs more of.

BULKED vs. SCRAPPED – Listed below is every component you can bulk, the bulk prices at vendors without Hard Bargain (4 Charisma), and whether they weigh less when bulked or scrapped.

Acid (8 caps) – Scrap

Adhesive (11) – Scrap

Aluminum (10) – Bulk (Over twice as lightweight when bulked)

Bone Shards (3) – Scrap

Ceramic (6) – Scrap

Cloth (5) – Scrap

Concrete (4) – Scrap

Copper (11) – Bulk

Cork (4) – Bulk

Fertilizer (6) – Bulk

Gears (10) – Bulk

Glass (6) – Scrap

Lead (5) – Bulk (Over twice as lightweight when bulked)

Leather (8) – Scrap

Oil (9) – Bulk

Plastic (3) – Scrap

Rubber (5) – Scrap

Springs (10) – Bulk

Steel (5) – Scrap

Wood (4) – Scrap

TL;DR Version – Only bulk Aluminum, Copper, Cork, Fertilizer, Gears, Lead, Oil, and Springs. Aluminum and Lead provide the best results, so prioritize them when bulking items.


JUNK USABILITY – The following is a list of every resource in the game along with a general list of what those resources can be used for, hopefully providing an idea of which resources one should potentially gather more of for their specific character needs.

Acid Grenades, Flamer Fuel, Smelting Ores

Adhesive Weapons (Crafting/Modding), Armor, Grenades, Ammo, Power Armor

Aluminum Weapons, Armor, Grenades, Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Antiseptic Medicine, Power Armor Mods

Asbestos Anything fire/heat related, like fire-resistant armor mods, jetpacks, or flamer mods.

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Ballistic Fiber Armor

Black Titanium Power Armor

Bone – (VERY RARELY) Weapons, Camp Decor

Ceramic Armor, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Circuitry Energy Weapons, Grenades, Explosive Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Cloth Armor, Grenades (Mototov), Camp Decor

Concrete Camp Decor

Copper Weapons, Energy Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor


Cork Weapons, Armor

Crystal Energy Weapons, Energy Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Fertilizer Grenades, Explosive Ammo, Planting Crops

Fiber Optics Energy Weapons, Grenades, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Fiberglass Armor, Power Armor

Flux – Power Armor

Gears Weapons, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Glass Weapons, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Gold (Some) Energy Weapons, Power Armor

Gunpowder – Ammo

Lead Ammo

Leather Armor

Nuclear Material Energy Weapons, Grenades, Energy Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Oil Weapons, Flamer Fuel, Grenades, Explosive Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Plastic Weapons, Armor, Medicine, Ammo, Bulking Items, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Rubber Weapons, Armor, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Screws Weapons, Armor, Explosive Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Silver Energy Weapons, Power Armor

Springs Weapons, Grenades, Explosive Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Steel Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Camp Decor, Power Armor

Ultracite Power Armor

Wood Weapons, (Some) Armor, Cooking, Camp Decor

TL;DR Version – Resources that you won't need much of (except for certain specific needs) include Antiseptic, Asbestos, Bone, Ceramic, Concrete, Cork, Fertilizer, and Gold. Everything else is either pretty important in one way or another, it really just depends what your character needs more of.


A few extra things to consider:

It goes without saying, but if for instance your character is a strictly melee build, then you probably won't need much lead or gunpowder taking up space in your inventory to make ammo, since that's all they're really used for.

If you ever feel like you've got a bit too much of something, like steel since it's so common, just bulk and sell as much as possible. It's easy money and clears up space faster than you'd think.

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If vendors don't have any caps then don't be afraid to just drop or give away bulked junk. You'll always find more.

If you claim a lot of workshops for their resources, then consider placing your personal camp next to an acid extractor to have a constant flow of smelting resources. It's been super useful for me. Also, don't forget to smelt your ores. They weigh 0.1 each. lol

Make a habit of switching perk cards out when necessary; Contractor when building, Power Patcher when repairing Power Armor, etc. It can take a while to remember every single thing, but it makes a world of a difference with more important resources like screws.

Don't forget you can tag resources that you need in your Pip-Boy. It makes finding things like screws a hell of a lot easier.

I hope at least a few people can make use out of this novel I ended up writing. I know I'll be using it to refresh my memory from time to time. Good luck and happy looting!

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